4 smart pet feeders available on Amazon

4 smart pet feeders available on Amazon

One of the most common concerns among pet owners is having to leave their pets alone for long periods of time. Although no one wants it, sometimes this is inevitable due to the need for work and travel…

For this reason, Amazon’s smart pet feeders They are the most popular as they allow you to properly feed your pet even when you are not at home. It is the perfect solution when you can stay away from home for a few days without your pet being unattended.

let’s see some Amazon’s best smart pet feeder models. We also teach you what to consider when buying to make the purchase completely successful.

Honeguaridan – intelligent automatic feeder for cats and dogs

Honeguaridan Automatic Feeders

Honeguaridan Automatic Feeders

In this smart feeder from the HoneyGuardian brand, there is a 6 liter capacity. It connects to Wi-Fi network so you can feed your pets through its app. via your mobile device. Or, if you prefer, you can also program the time to automatically distribute the food. It has a safety lock cover and sealed so food always stays fresh.

VavoPaw – automatic pet feeder

VavoPaw Auto Feeder

VavoPaw Auto Feeder

In this smart feeder from the VavoPaw brand, there is a 7 liter capacity. It has a Wi-Fi connection to be able to feed remotely and also set up from a mobile device. amount of food to be distributed. It has a sync function to ignore it and create an automatic meal plan. Have 10 second audio recording recording the sound to lure the pet to food.

smart feeder CATIT PIXI

Catit PIXI Smart Feeder

Catit PIXI Smart Feeder

Catit smart feeder that allows you to feed your pet with a flexible schedule. Has a deposit 1.2 liter capacity and allows the introduction of a standard size feed, 7 to 9 mm in diameter. it has an engine quiet and have anti-jamming control to offer more security.

Balimo Alex 4L – automatic feeder

Balimo Alex 4L Automatic Feeder

Balimo Alex 4L Automatic Feeder

This smart feeder is from Balimo brand and 4 liter capacity and Wifi function to be able to feed your pets remotely. If you want, you can ignore it and schedule it. provide up to 10 meals a day, depending on your pet’s needs. It has a voice function and dual power mode to record what you are calling your pet. It has an infrared sensor for prevent food spillage.

Shopping guide, what should I consider when buying smart pet food?

Choosing a good smart pet feeder is important, after all, your pet’s comfort is at stake when you’re away. Let’s see everything you need to consider when buying one of these. amazon smart pet feeders.

The first thing to consider is the size of the deposit. There are many variables that affect its size.For starters, the type of dog or cat you have in your home. For example, a Chihuahua does not need to eat the same amount of food as a German Shepherd. Therefore, with a small deposit, a large dog can starve.

On the other hand, it will also depend on the days you spend outside. If you will not be home for a week, the amount of deposit you will need will be more than if you will not be home for just one day. You will also need to calculate your pet’s daily food intake and choose the corresponding deposit size based on the days you are usually away.

Also, consider having an Amazon smart pet feeder that: a larger size takes up more space. This won’t be a problem when placing it in the house because you won’t be there and it won’t bother you but it will be when hiding it.

Another important point is Find out if you have Wi-Fi. The vast majority of these feeders have Wi-Fi so they can be used remotely, while some are manual and programmed without the need to connect to the internet.

Having wifi is great for being able to remotely put food in the feeder wherever you are. In addition to these, some have voice Because you can record yourself in a voice recording so that you can call your pets, so that your pet recognizes you and listens to the order and goes to the manger.

Regarding the use of the application, some are simpler, while others are programmable. Plus, some Amazon Smart Pet Feeders include more extras like built-in camerasnot only to know the status of the food, but also to see what your pet is doing next to the feeder.

An important aspect is its security mechanisms. The feeder should be running and available at all times, because if it fails and doesn’t deliver food, we have a problem. Amazon’s smart pet feeders often have safety mechanisms that prevent food from getting stuck when thrown into the bowl. Moreover They usually have sensors to prevent food from spilling. and so it doesn’t go to waste.

Finally, rate Amazon’s smart pet feeder design to see how you can clean it. Cleaning is necessary as it will prevent the feeder from deteriorating over time or contamination of the food inside. a hole easier to clean by design, it will be much more useful than it can’t, so it’s also an important consideration.

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