A Mallorca resident creates Mascotafind, the first online registry for pets

A Mallorca resident creates Mascotafind, the first online registry for pets

Connie Otto lost her cat in 2020 and difficulty finding institutions He began searching on his own to help him find the animal. All this time, Connie Otto walked in. communicating with people who are in the same situation and feel helpless. This small group of people decided that they needed to take control of the situation and form an initiative to help people in the same situation as them. born this way Find a pet.

Petfind a online pet registration a description and image of animals is presented, in order to be able to locate it more easily in case it is lost.. It’s an initiative non-profit. Otto condemns this “It’s very difficult to find your pet in Spain”, Switzerland or Germany such organizations are very common, but they are absent here ». Mascotafind is registered in Switzerland as “it is not possible to register a non-profit company for animals in Spain”. “There is no donation culture in Spain,” he accuses.

To register the animal, users must access the Mascotafind web portal. fill out a form with physical characteristics and include photos of your pet if possible. Registration costs a small initial fee to cover the costs.

This information is stored in the Mascotafind database and is not publicly available under any circumstances. The data in question will be transferred to the police, municipalities, veterinarians and reception centers in the region only in case of a missing person complaint. and from then on they are displayed on the web.

Connie Otto’s cat has been missing since 2020. Faruk Pinjo

Volunteers participate devotedly

The organization is also intermediary between people who seek and find animals. For this they have a phone number and an email address. accessibility at any time of the day, even at night. To realize all these works, Mascotafind volunteers acting as observers. These volunteers are actively involved in the search for lost pets and submit data of animals lost on the streets for comparison with the database, as these dogs are often taken into account. “thugs, but they’re not”Otto points.

Mascotafind’s lost pet record.

Although the project has been going on for a long time more than a year ago It wasn’t until last week that they released the web portal. Despite this, Mascotafind has been operating since the end of 2020 and during this period Thanks to its database, it has managed to find dozens of cats and dogs.

a growing project

Now, with the official release of the web, they are waiting Increase your client portfolio and gain more visibility since the association does not want to limit itself to acting only at the local level“We are still getting started, but here in Mallorca we are already in pretty good shape. We want to see if the organization continues to grow because we want the initiative to have a national reach», explains Otto He still hasn’t found his cat.

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