climate change | Spain suffers six months of drought a year if it doesn’t reduce its emissions

climate change |  Spain suffers six months of drought a year if it doesn't reduce its emissions

18.11.2022, 14:33


One report calculates that with an increase of two degrees by 2050, the southern parts of the country will suffer more than 45 days a year with over 37 thermometers.

this drought hit Spanish fields this yearMarked by the high temperatures that have crushed most of the records, it may be small compared to what’s to come. If nothing changes, a report by consulting firm McKinsey & Company concludes: the country will have to spend half of each year in this state.

The increase in global temperatures two degrees above According to the study presented this Friday, most of Spain’s territory will suffer more than six months of annual drought, while in the south of the country they will have to endure more than 45 days of drought. thermometers will exceed 37 degrees. Availability this will decrease by 25% in critical basins and the risk of fire will will be multiplied by two.

“We have to deal with this scenario. urgency. This is a real risk. “The starting point is bad because Spain is 10 years behind the European average,” he said. Bruno Esgalhado From McKinsey.

economic investment

The report ‘Net zero Spain: the decarbonisation pole in Europe’ calculates how much Spain needs to invest to reach the milestone of carbon neutrality in 2045 and 2050. negative emissions (it absorbs more greenhouse gases than it emits): around 2.5 trillion euros between now and then. Well, 85,000 million per year, Equivalent to 6.2% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

this public transport and industry accounts for more than 65% of net emissions in Spain, so the report advocates focusing on these sectors to achieve climate neutrality. In the first, a 50% reduction in 2030 and 100% in 2050 will be achieved thanks to electric vehicles and fuels. attribution industry, An 85% reduction in emissions is possible with improvements in segments such as steel, cement and chemicals.

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