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  • Before the introduction of Phryges, the mascots of the Olympic Games in Paris, the public spoke: they look like clitoris, not Phrygian hats.

  • Unlike other organs that play a role in our physiology, its only known function to date is to provide sexual pleasure.

  • The clitoris begins to develop at the same time as the other genitals in the female during the seventh week of embryonic life.

Phrygian cap or clitoris? The images of the 2024 Paris Olympics mascots are more reminiscent of the clitoris than the French Phrygian hat. this Phrygians becameAccording to the public and social networks, female genitalia. Is the similarity that obvious? It is interesting that “reasonable resemblance” spread like wildfire, because if there is anything unknown in the female universe, it is precisely the clitoris.

mysterious organ

One of four 15-year-old girls does not know its existence from her clitoris. This is expressed by Alexandra Hubin and Caroline Michel, authors of the book “Between my lips, my clitoris: secrets from a mysterious organ.” Gradually, more and more became known, not only in terms of reproduction. Thanks to researcher Odile Fillod, we learned First 3D reconstruction of the clitoris. it was the year 2015. The clitoris is no longer so obscure, no doubt does not deserve the same attention Although it is probably one of the most mysterious organs compared to other parts of the female body. What do we really know about him?

Greek origins

The word clitoris comes from the Greek word clitoris., He means ‘little hill’. In 1559, the Italian surgeon Realdo Colombo discovered this anatomical part of the female body and named it “”.i love veneris which means ‘the pleasure of Venus’.

from the 7th week

clitoris begins to develop approximately in the seventh week of embryonic life, It originates from a structure called genital tubercle at the same time as other genitals in women.

pleasure, simply

It is an organ of the female genital apparatus. Unlike others that play a role in our physiology, Its only known function so far is to provide sexual pleasure. In women, the glans or tip of the penis is visible in the upper part of the vulva, but it goes further and extends into the labia majora and perineum surrounding the lower third of the vagina.

mostly invisible

What is visible from the outside is only a very small part of the clitoris. But it is a larger organ than it seems: it surrounds the vaginal canal and extends to the thighs. The visible part is only a small glans or ‘head’ of the organ.

More nerve endings from the penis

The clitoris consists of 18 different parts and consists of a mixture of them. erectile tissue, muscles and nerves. All parts work together create feelings This can lead to orgasm. There are more than 8,000 nerve endings at the tip of the clitoris alone, twice the number in the male penis.

Can grow up to 300% in size

The length of the clitoris is from seven to 12 centimeters. They can increase in size up to 300% when sexually aroused. The increase in size is gradual and We are approaching the summit.

Responsible for all orgasms

sexologists for years two types of orgasm feminine: vaginal and clitoral. But today it is known that all orgasms are clitoral because when they occur, both the inner and outer part of the clitoris are stimulated.


The most surprising thing is that it is the only part of the female body. ageless. An 80-year-old woman’s clitoris is as functional as a 20-year-old girl’s. ears or noseIt continues to grow over the years. Specifically, an older woman’s clitoris is 2.5 times larger than a younger woman’s.

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