Enjoy the best tours in Amsterdam and totally free with Free Tour

Enjoy the best tours in Amsterdam and totally free with Free Tour

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While reading our dear user, we bring you the best tours throughout the city of Amsterdam, just for you, so that you can have fun and learn more about the culture of this wonderful region of Europe, and completely free, thanks to our digital network. Services in the Free Tour.

Free Tour is a web portal where you can find guided tours to all cities in the world, but today we would like to introduce you to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, one of the most interesting regions in all of Europe. , just by clicking the link below Free Tour in Amsterdam You will be able to find the most suitable tour for your needs to go beyond the routine and spend that weekend you have always dreamed of and desired, our guides will be able to give you the most information and take you to places. you’ve never seen it before so think no more and enter now so you can enjoy this beautiful community and say I went to Amsterdam to have the tour of my life, enter now!

Amsterdam from a fishing city to the economic and cultural center of the Netherlands

The Venice of the North is called some of the northern European cities with riverbeds at the center of their cities, since its founding in the 12th century it has been a city that has ceased to be a small region whose inhabitants were monopolized by artisanal fishermen. To be one of the communities with the greatest explosion and progress among European communities. Amsterdam has a population of just over 900,000 and is the capital of the Netherlands, although most of its political and parliamentary headquarters are in The Hague, it is one of the largest cities in the entire country and one of the largest. Historical centers in Europe were mostly built in the 17th century.

According to the legend, it is known that the date of establishment was 27 October 1275 by a group of fishermen and that these workers came to the Amstel riverside by chance on a small boat where their activities were carried out. Official city rights were granted when citizens were no longer required to pay tolls around 1300, and in the 14th century Amsterdam began to flourish in its economy based on trade between other Dutch cities and Germany.

The weather in Amsterdam is often very varied and variable within the same day, giving it sun, moderate rain and hail, but for the most part the temperatures are generally pleasant and there are no cases of extreme heat in the summer. Although they can reach sub-zero temperatures in the winter, this metropolis doesn’t usually get much snow, and its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean can affect this community.

Where can I visit in Amsterdam and what food can I taste here?

Not only can visiting historical sites and knowing more about its streets be a reason to get to know a city to get out of the routine as backpackers or tourists, but also taste typical dishes that make the experience unique and unrepeatable. And of course, Amsterdam is not far behind, but of course, we will talk about the most exclusive places while visiting this wonderful city, we will give a short list of the most traditional dishes so that you can live. experience from palate to view.

Of course, the gastronomy of every country and every city is not the same, each has its own variations and names related to the place visited, so here is the list of typical dishes in Amsterdam:



stamp pot



And of course, there are many iconic places to visit in this area, so to make your visit enjoyable and to enjoy it to the fullest, we give you the most exclusive places to visit:

Amsterdam canals

Flower Market

Anne Frank House Museum

Jordan quarter

Van Gogh Museum

Of course, this experience wouldn’t be unique if you didn’t put the icing on the cake with us, friends of Free Tour, so that you can visit this beautiful and magical city for free on your guided tour at no cost. . , in order to be a part of this beautiful family and to experience the travel of your dreams, we strongly advise you to log in to our site and enter the link above without thinking any further.


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