Is it safe to travel by plane with your pet? this move aims to change the way animals travel by plane

Is it safe to travel by plane with your pet?  this move aims to change the way animals travel by plane

Companies they are becoming more and more aware that many people share their lives with an animal and therefore. they are starting to change their policy to include pets and facilitate their access to different places already known as “Pet Friendly”.

When it comes to travel, some companies are trying to facilitate the entry of larger dogs than previously allowed. This is Renfe’s case. pilot testing traveling with large dogs From 13 September on AVE and Long Distance trains up to 40 kilos and for three months on various trains on the Madrid-Barcelona route.

But,and airlines? What requirements do they want? Whata dog can travel in the cabin with their owner or must go to the trunk of the plane with the rest of the luggage.?. This is one of the biggest concerns for travelers when it comes to boarding a plane with their pets. Some prefer to leave their pet at home before allowing them to travel in an airplane hold, while others have no choice and adapt to the system.

In this text Mascotissimas we already talked about Conditions for traveling with your pet to Spain or other countries, When you arrive at the airport, we recommend that you read it so that no company will cause problems and ask you for the necessary conditions. may be microchipped or vaccinated against rabies.

This is the basis check all pet entry regulations required by the country you are visiting as well as keeping you well informed with Airlines take action

Is it safe to travel by plane with your pet?

If you’ve ever had to travel by plane and have thought about doing it with your pet, you’ve probably thought of the question: “Is it safe for animals to travel by plane?” Unfortunately, there are many cases of animals not traveling in optimal conditions.

Before we go any further, a known tiktoker @djsugue is tasked with showing followers how goods are treated in the cabin of an airplane.including animals. A single video can have up to 35 million views, so many people can watch several videos about animals.

Unfortunately, the footage shows where the animals are supposed to go, the way they are taken off the plane and down the ramp, and even their state of health when they land.

It was her Instagram profile @flytogether_2021 He was responsible for compiling several videos that accused him of “not true because it’s normal”.

Flytogether, movement aimed at changing the way animals travel by plane

Flytogether2021 is a global movement. aims to change the way companion animals are transported by plane and the way they are treated at airports.

As they themselves put it, “to fly with your pet today It ends in tragedy much more often than we imagine. Accidents resulting in death, injury or loss are much more common than we are led to believe. And these are just known facts. More than 1000 in the last 18 years 365 dead, 213 injured and 54 animals lost on US commercial flights alone “It’s one of the few countries that has to forward accident data to the transport department,” he said.

What’s the reason? Almost all of these deaths symptoms related to pneumonia, suffocation, heat stroke, heart failure, and anxiety. Traveling in the hold means being out of touch with loud noises and strange smells that any airline personnel cannot see or move about in an emergency. On the other hand, traveling in a cabin often means traveling in a carrier that must fit under the front seat and cannot get out under any circumstances.

“For everyone to join the majority, someone has to start”

Sonia Aguado, leader of the International Movement fly togetherMy intention to Diario de Sevilla It doesn’t just change how they fly on the plane even if it’s the most sensational part, it makes people notice and react, especially at the winery. We care a lot about how they are treated at the airport. Most accidents happen due to neglect on land. usually by external personnel”.

flying together 2021 Has the support of PACMA Animalist Party and other animal associations. Without going further this month, they received the official support of the APDDA (Parliamentary Association in Defense of Animal Rights).

The purpose of this movement is clear: to liaise with animal husbandry political parties in Europe in order to create new protocols. sonia wishes “To be able to meet with all the countries of the EU and AENA “To make Spain the first country and an exemplary country in terms of the way animals travel by plane,” he said.For everyone to join the majority, one person must initiate‘ says Sonia.

Inside flytogether instagram account They don’t intend to single out the crashes: “There’s a huge amount of work behind collaborating with airlines and airports to do something great together.” this move It is not intended to allow people to walk their dogs in a seat next to them, as emotional support dogs can. If not, they all go to a carrier with the teacher in a specific area reserved for them. Flytogether goes beyond cats and dogs: “Since people only think of cats and dogs, you have to think of other animals as well, but there are also birds, for example.”

In addition, Sonia is in contact with several aircraft pilots, and they all agree on this. As they have determined, in the event of an accident, the aircraft should be evacuated, assuming that large dogs must also wear a muzzle and an extremely short leash during evacuation.

aim “Compromise with airlines to be able to do what we want and travel with eye contact. The animal in a box and the person in front of it are seated in a seat safely and undisturbed.”

So far, Flytogether has met with corporate representatives of the government and they hope to achieve all their goals in the near future.

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