Mirada Animal Corporation will LIVE Los Trapenses with pet adoption day

Mirada Animal Corporation will LIVE Los Trapenses with pet adoption day

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From 12:00 this Saturday 19 November. Until 17:00, the first day of pet adoption between the two parties will take place in this shopping center.

To promote responsible adoption, respect for animals and the search for homes for abandoned pets, the foundation will be on hand with a team of experts to support families who decide to adopt a pet.

Malls & Outlets VIVO mall chain will form a cooperative alliance with Mirada Animal company to support the Pet Friendly proposal. To do this, VIVO Los Trapenses in the commune of Lo Barnerchea will develop its first pet adoption day on Saturday, November 19, from 12:00 to 17:00.

“Since we incorporated the concept and defined ourselves as Pet Friendly malls, we have aimed not only to make the pets of our visitors a part of daily life, but also to popularize the importance and benefits that pets can provide. brings it into people’s lives. This is how we want to continue moving forward in our goal of making visible the need to give new life to often abandoned and home-seeking pets. That’s why we wanted to team up with the renowned Mirada Animal Foundation, which has extensive experience in this noble work of giving puppies looking for a loving home a new opportunity.” María José Gatti, Assistant Communications and Brand Representative at Shopping Malls and Outlets VIVO.

In 2020, the pandemic caused adoptions to increase by up to 50% in Chilean families, turning this event into something positive and invoked. “adopt a pandemic dog”. Since these puppies make great companions, what makes confinement live better in most homes.

However, with the return to face-to-face work and the lack of accountability of some adopters, this problem has receded, making some people doubt whether it is a social phenomenon or just a tool people use to escape quarantine. or feel trapped.

“These little ones are loving and all they want is to have a family that gives them all the love and attention they deserve. The best thing that can happen to someone as a human being is to adopt. However, there are some requirements that we want as the Institution, and they are necessary for the family to have conditions that they will adopt and understand that this is a lifelong commitment. We have been holding these conferences for years and it is really a nice experience to meet them, educational work is also very important for us, we want to change the culture of our country and this means that we will no longer exist in the medium term. If we see more animals suffering on the streets, we will continue to work tirelessly for this.” He talks about co-founder and Daniela Valenzuela. Vice President of Mirada Animal Chile.

In Chile, according to figures from the first national dog and cat census issued in March this year by the UC School of Veterinary Medicine and the Undersecretariat for Regional and Administrative Development (Subdere) Protected Pet Program. 12,482,679 dogs and cats with their ownersreached 8,306,650 and 4,176,029, respectively. In parallel, there are 4,049,277 more unsupervised animals.

According to information provided by the National Veterinary College Commission on Responsible Ownership (Colmevet), one of the shortcomings that may result from this decline in adoption is the failure to establish and enforce a culture of responsible pet ownership. Pets encourage a change in human behavior.

That’s why Malls & Outlets VIVO, together with Mirada Animal, will have this day where they want to promote the ownership of pets from responsible ownership education as pet ownership means a long-term commitment that gives them a better quality of life. .

The event will take place on the central square of the ground on the 1st floor of the shopping center on Saturday, November 19, from 12:00 to 17:00.

VIVO Los Trapenses, Atty. Located at Jose Alcalde Delano 10492, Lo Barnechea.

What is Animal Gaze?

For more information, you can reach the social networks of the shopping center chain at

on Instagram and website .

It is a non-profit organization that aims to work for animal welfare and to promote respect and responsible ownership of pets, especially in abandoned conditions, to save and improve health conditions, and to educate and raise public awareness.

We do this to contribute to a society that is more empathetic, supportive and conscious of the way animals interact with us, namely humans. They have a shelter with more than 130 puppies in the Santiago Metropolitan area and their main job is to provide them with the best conditions while in the shelter, as well as to find the best families for them by understanding that adoption is a must. lifetime commitment.


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