Peña tries to solve the legal problem in the work of the sports center – El Sol de Parral

Peña tries to solve the legal problem in the work of the sports center - El Sol de Parral

Two days after his visit to Mexico City, Parral mayor César Peña oversaw the municipality’s infrastructure projects and met with MP Mayte Vargas to resolve the sports center’s still unfinished legal issue. work, as he owes about 50 million pesos; He also received 20,000 liters of gasoline for his patrols and spoke with businessmen who manage sports projects and noted that he has already received a donation from Ciudad Juárez for the Parral Fire Department.

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Parral’s mayor, César Peña Valles, reported that his visit to Mexico City was positive in order to further support the municipality. César D.’s administration is under investigation for sanctions against the municipality.

There is also an interest in why the work was abandoned and this project not working out, so federal MP Mayte Vargas was contacted to unblock the situation where this important work for the municipality is. He also stated that he owed the company about 50 million pesos for not complying with the contract.

It is the responsibility of the construction company, that the incomplete work will result in the completion of the work; Additionally, through the Sports Institute, the State Government is being asked to help them solve this problem, if Parral Municipality is not sanctioned, it has reported that it is negotiating with businessmen from Mexico City. tax incentives paid by companies through the Treasury.

He said that in this way, businessmen will be able to support sports projects, channel these resources from tax incentives, if a private company is interested in finishing the sports center, they will be invited, but for this they must first know what status they are in. Since there is a sports center, it is in a legal situation that it is not possible to work with this business.

He said that he believes this problem will be solved with the help of Deputy Mayte Vargas, and that he held a meeting with him last Wednesday, which showed great interest in the issue. He also pointed out that this has happened. The Federation, which will determine the solution to the problem such as sanctions and fines on the municipality because the work is not finished, is the contractor company that is responsible for the fact that the sports center is currently closed. unfinished

The Mayor thought that by solving this problem, there would be a way to rebuild it to serve the Parral community. On the other hand, the Mayor stated that among the results of his visit to Mexico City, he also achieved the following: Donation of 20,000 liters of gasoline for public order patrols, made in Pemex thanks to the work.

Support was expressed thanks to a request to Parastatal, they are now working on the management of asphalt donated by Pemex, where they stated that this donation could be made thanks to Senator Rafael Espino. Negotiated for the approval of the Pemex national assembly, this support represents approximately 600 thousand pesos that the municipality will save.

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Finally, he stated that a Pemex pipe will be processed and it has been confirmed that the Municipality of Juárez has donated ambulances and equipment to the Fire Service, and that they will do so in the next few days. Donated equipment to receive support from border mayor Cruz Pérez Cuellar includes masks, oxygen cylinders, firefighting bags, special suits and a 2005 Ford ambulance.

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