“People have the misconception that animals like reptiles or fish don’t feel or feel pain”

"People have the misconception that animals like reptiles or fish don't feel or feel pain"

Miguel Muñoz has spent his entire life animals, despite being afraid of dogs as a child. already too small became interested in insects and when he had to decide what to study, he chose Biology and Biodiversity. Thus began a whole adventure, accompanied by a great passion and hundreds of readings about the aquarium hobby, insects and terrariums and others.

for five years, Muñoz talks about animals on his blog fanpets, a project that has grown since then and now a YouTube channelone of the finalists XVI Creator Awards 20 minutes in the Sustainability and Environment category.

Miguel, his partner Susana and his father Miguel are also part of this audiovisual project “to make”. Reach every home, mobile device and corner of the world” Information about “nature, pets and gardens” as expressed in the channel’s description.

Miguel Muñoz, founder of Fanmascotas.

Miguel Munoz

Miguel Muñoz, a graduate of the Autonomous University of Madrid in Biology, has been expanding his knowledge of animals and the environment since he was very young. Instead of attending chess classes, she went to the library and read guides about pet care, aquarium hobby, insects and terrariums, and completed her master’s degree in Biodiversity from the university she graduated in 2016. Five years ago he started his own project ‘Fanmascotas’, a blog about caring for different animals and now has the support of a YouTube channel and different social networks like Tiktok.

Where does your love for animals come from?It comes to me from a very young age. When I went to the park, I always went to observe the ants, not because my parents or someone taught me, it was innate. What were the most common animals didn’t really appeal to me, I actually had a bad experience with a dog and was terrified of them until I got older and I was getting over it. I have had many animals and have always tried my best to give them the best life. As for the aquarium world where I am a professional, I started there as a result of an aquarium my parents gave me. Because I knew they would buy me, I would go to the municipality’s library during the hours of my chess lesson, read about aquariums, fish that I love and want to have, and what I would learn. they needed.

When and how did Fanmascotas appear?The blog came about as a result of my brother. blogger chess and it encouraged me to do the same with pets. I love to write, so I started following his model and the truth is he started to improve a lot. Then it was youtuber and although exposing myself in this way gave me more reservations, I finally did. Also, I learned everything by myself. However, the channel is more educational focused and we completed it between my father, girlfriend and I. Susana, a biology teacher, does the most scientific part of the job; My father takes the countryside and orchard theme and I complete it with environment and animal themes. It’s been about five years since we opened the blog, and it’s been two and a half years since we recently added the TikTok channel.

The goal is to try to get people to see that pets are not toys.

For what purpose did this project begin? Are you carrying it alone?
I think especially in the field of education. I’m trying to show people that pets are not toys so people can learn a little before they buy an animal and in the meantime, let my ideas and concerns go. And yes, I manage everything, although my girlfriend and family participate in some videos, I edit and direct them, just like the blog.

From what you told me, I understand that you think people should care more about animals before getting them, right?Yes, with all animals, exotic or not. But it’s true that even in veterinary schools they focus on dogs, cats and cattle. It is also understood (incorrectly) that animals such as reptiles, fish, or amphibians do not suffer or feel pain because they are not like us at all. People have this idea. I’ve seen real atrocities in terms of misinformation.

It’s important to have well-trained professionals in pet stores.

Do you think it is more difficult to feed such an exotic animal than a dog or cat?From my point of view it depends on the animal. Many reptiles sold, such as leopard geckos or pogonas, are bred in captivity. If you do not know the biology of the animal, you cannot breed it in captivity. But if you know their biology, it’s no harder as you don’t have to take them for a walk, vaccinate, or play with them. That’s why it’s so important to have well-trained professionals in pet stores, as well as trying to find out on your own before purchasing or adopting.

Finally, as a result of the new Animal Protection Law, the debate has been opened as to whether we should have exotic species in captivity. What is your opinion about it?I don’t think most of them should. I don’t see a problem with animals that are raised in captivity, live under stones and don’t need much as long as they are in a suitable place due to their lifestyle, but one more thing, they are poisonous animals. or caught from the field, etc. It just doesn’t feel right to me to have such an animal as a pet.

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