Pets and kids: 4 reasons to have one at home

Pets and kids: 4 reasons to have one at home

The first thing many parents think of when they ask their kids to have a pet is great. responsibility what does this mean

While it is true that a number of considerations must be made before bringing a new entity into the home, Benefits partners.

The truth is, having pets at home can be very interesting for kids.

Throughout this article, we’ll give you 4 strong reasons to make your decision:

4 advantages of pets for children

1. They help them take responsibility

Taking responsibility is part of the maturity of a boy or girl. If you live carefree, sooner or later you will have to face the harsh reality, and that is something that will pay off if you are not prepared.

They will have by keeping a pet at home responsibilities: They should learn how to care for them, how to eat, how to clean themselves, and even how to collect their poop. This will be very practical for them to mature and encourage. confidence.

But the fact that it will help them to know the different stages of life. They will be able to follow the life of the animal from the moment they are born until they die.

It is true that death will be a heavy blow to them, especially considering that they will have taken care of him from birth. However, it’s also a very important thing for their maturity, plus they’ll get over it over time.

Of course the responsibilities they have to learn elsewhere cannot be neglected, but taking care of an animal will teach them many important things in life.

2. They will learn values

Among the many benefits that pets can provide to children, learning stock available. We can highlight some such as: loyalty, respect, empathy, mercy and of course unconditional love. And these are just a few of the many values ​​they will learn on their own.

In return, they will always offer children a love that will make them feel safe and peaceful.

As children develop friendships with pets, they will begin to develop emotions that will develop them. self respect your child. These trusting relationships can be projected onto the rest of the world: that is, they help them socialize and form lasting relationships with other people. It will allow them to develop some very important aspects of life, for example mercy, empathy and nonverbal communication.

Most teens manage to form an emotional bond with pets, and that’s their improve social skills (Very important for children who have problems with their environment). Improve socialization It is one of the most interesting advantages of having pets at home for children.

3. Reduces stress levels

Many research branches are looking for resources that can reduce our stress levels on a daily basis. It has been proven that having a pet at home can help us with this. There are many studies that show that children and adults playing with their pets every day less likely to suffer from anxiety, stress, and even depression.

We had to experience a clear example of this during the pandemic times when we were so closed. At that time, stress and anxiety levels skyrocketed, and children took the brunt of it. That’s when these furry comrades, relieve tension.

a study conducted by Social Development focused on how the presence of companion dogs has an effect on reducing stress levels in situations of social tension. It included a total of 101 young children aged 7-12.

The tests concluded that stress levels were significantly reduced in children who were near their pets. And they feel more with them safe and confident.

4. Physical and physiological benefits

We can find many benefits in this category.
They help to lose weight because they will spend more time playing and/or walking with their pets.
·It reduces the likelihood of heart disease and blood sugar levels.: These benefits are related to the exercise we do when doing activities with our pets.
·They strengthen the immune system: Some experts say that introducing children to animals early strengthens their immune systems. Allergic reactions and even infections are minimized.

And these are just 4 of the many reasons to keep a pet at home.

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