Prosecution seeks reversal of Macri’s expulsion from espionage

Prosecution seeks reversal of Macri's expulsion from espionage

Photo by Pepe Mateos
Photo: Pepe Mateos.

Federal Supreme Court Prosecutor Raul Pleé has sought to retract the dismissal of former President Mauricio Macri for allegedly spying on relatives of victims of the sinking of the ARA San Juan submarine.

He did so according to an opinion submitted to the nation’s highest federal criminal court. It should review this decision taken by the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires.According to the summary available to Télam, it is based on appeals from complaints in the case.

“It was not possible to prove that we are faced with tasks to neutralize all kinds of security risks, such as mobilization before presidential visits, and that these are surface field observations before the demonstrations around the Naval Base and the Naval Base. The Maritime Governorate stated that there is a serious risk to the security of the building under the authority of a security force. since no reason has been given to confirm his presence”Raun Pleé

Pleé continued the prosecutor’s appeal before the Federal Office José Luis Agüero Iturbe and The decision that dismissed Macri and former AFI officials in his government, Gustavo Arribas and Silvia Majdalani, should be rescinded because it has “apparent basis” and is “premature”.

Former officials and former agents of the AFI, Macri, were dismissed by Chamber I of the Court. Comodoro Py 2002 based appellate agent.

This Court overturned the prosecutions it had brought against everyone on July 15, last December, for Dolores Martín Bava’s decision by the federal judge not to be a crime in December of last year.

chambermaids Mariano Llorens, Pablo Bertuzzi and Leopoldo Bruglia As part of the so-called “presidential outpost,” they argued that they were intelligence missions justified by the need to guarantee the protection of the then-President of the Nation.

It was not possible to prove that there were risks for Pleé.

Now, the prosecutor at the Supreme Court has argued, by contrast, that “it is not possible to prove that we are faced with tasks to neutralize any security risks”, including “mobilizations ahead of presidential visits, far from being superficial.” Field observations against demonstrations around Naval Base and Naval District”.

“No justification has been given to ascertain that there is a serious risk to the security of a building under the jurisdiction of a security force” Pleé issued a warning in calls to the relatives of the 44 crew members who lost their lives in the November 2017 sinking.

On the other hand, it considers that the Law on the Rights and Security of Victims of Crime has not been complied with and that the reading of the appealed judgment “does not allow us to appreciate that efforts have been made to identify all victims of the community”. General of the ARA San Juan crew and relatives and close friends of the fishing boats “Rigel” and “El Repunte”.

These last two sank after sailing from Mar del Plata, and there have been complaints about the victims’ relatives being traced.

“Victims have the right to request a hearing before a decision, such as the decision adopted by the I Division of this city’s Federal Criminal and Correctional Office, ordering the dismissal of the accused.”

all “It lays out even more evidence that the judgment criticized here was foreseen, because there are measures waiting to be implemented, thus revealing the arbitrariness stated.”

The decision on this issue is in charge of the camaristas of Casación Guillermo Yacobucci, Carlos Mahiques and Angela Ledesma.

Among the facts investigated in this case, AFI staff members Malvina VallejosSister of ARA crew member San Juan Celso Vallejos on the occasion of the two-month ritual following its disappearance at Mar del Plata Naval Base at 7:20 PM on 15 January 2018.

On this occasion, they took pictures of Vallejos with other people present and accompanied the footage with a report saved in the AFI intelligence archives.

This case was processed before federal Justice of Dolores until the end of 2021, when the Criminal Appeals Division decided that it should go to the federal courts of Comodoro Py.

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