Qatar does not accept “small-faced” dollars, and neither does many “big-faced” dollars: what are Argentine tourists supposed to do?

Qatar does not accept "small-faced" dollars, and neither does many "big-faced" dollars: what are Argentine tourists supposed to do?

Argentines only accept dollars
Argentines only accept “blue” dollars in Qatar, rejecting old denominations (REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir)

Just three days before the start Qatar World Cup 2022 There are hundreds of Argentines who have come to the Arab country alone, in a group or as a family, ready to enjoy the greatest competition in world football.

But an unforeseen challenge arose in the Qatari exchange houses: locals refuse to accept widely known old design banknotes. “girl face” Y “big face”.

About this sect 100 dollars Printed from 1914 to 1996, where you can see the figure of Benjamin Franklin in an oval frame and smaller than subsequent numbers; and later ones produced up to 2013, where the portrait is larger and the frame gets closer to the edges of the paper.

100 dollar bills
100 dollar bills “little face”

Finally, from 2013 onwards, banknotes known as “blues” began to be issued because they have a security tape in that color, they no longer have an oval frame and the portrait of Franklin looks even larger, this series is detailed by Aire de Santa Fe, the Qatar exchange The only person their house accepts.

According to the site, three Argentines in Qatar said: “without exception”Qatari money changers reject, accept oldest banknotes, whether ‘small face’ or ‘big face’ only the last will be published as “Blues”.

100 dollar bills
100 dollar bills “big face”

While it has been clarified that the value of any $100 bill is valid and legal, both the “small face”, the “big face” and of course the newest “blue ones” are Argentine banknotes around. Those traveling to Qatar or another international destination prefer to make sure they don’t have problems with their ticket dollars. two legal ways to renew:

one. On the one hand, they can deposit it in their bank and withdraw it again. Banks do not distinguish between promissory notes, so if you deposit your dollars in your foreign currency accounts, you can withdraw them later and wait for the “blue ones” to be delivered to you.

two. Another option is to travel to another country where bills are accepted, simply verify how different dollar issues are handled if traveling to an international destination and use “small face” and “big face” if possible. “, to get rid of them without losing their value. Instead, keep as many denominations as possible

The phenomenon in Qatar is also beginning to be felt in the Buenos Aires stock market homes, where brokers are feeling increasingly concerned about the type of US$100 bill being sold and show a distinct preference for “blue ones”. middle.

In any event, it’s important to note that although “small face” and “big face” bonds are old issues, they have the same legal value as new ones and are just as valid. “All U.S. currencies continue to be legal tender regardless of when they are issued,” the official site of the United States Federal Reserve confirms.

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