“Seafood is cheaper by 4 or 5 € this year

“Seafood is cheaper by 4 or 5 € this year

We spoke with Juan Carlos of Pescados y Mariscos ¡Al Ataque! about the prospects for the fish business in this new Christmas 2022 campaign that is kicking off.

GASTRONOMY-. This would be the ninth season in which they stood out for quality and service at their warehouse facility on the Puente Jontoya Highway. There are many more years of confidence that the Jiennenses offer them. We spoke with Juan Carlos from Fish and Seafood ¡Al Ataque!

Tell us Jaén’s “Mariscos Al Ataque!” Tell us about the origins of this company.

It is true that our origin goes back to 25 years ago when we were open. The two of us, both my wife and I, come from families that are always in the market, both me and my wife like my father who has a stall as his father and we met there. Our origin is as simple as this: we met, fell in love, got married and started our walk to this day.

Well, I must say that I am descended from a fisherman’s great-grandfather, so fish is our business, and a little before we got married, we decided to start our own business.

We started with a small stall and started selling more affordable fish for people to buy easily. Our start was on that line and we grew up. We had the opportunity of vacated positions, fishing boats that were retired or closed for other reasons, and it so happened that they were with us. So far, if I’m not mistaken, There are 5 extensions we’ve done since we started. Now in May of next year it will be 25 years. the latest innovation that we have opened to the market, deep frozen stand.

The opening of the warehouse is due to the fact that the market is open from 7:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the evening. When Christmas came and people wanted to buy seafood, there were those who did not like to go to the market. We had clients who did not have time and they conveyed their concerns to us. We bought this warehouse located on the Jontoya bridge road just for this purpose, so that all our customers can buy seafood in the morning at noon or on holidays at Christmas time.

What is your core value for the company’s success?

we always tried to give The highest quality at the lowest price. Normally someone who wants to do business puts a profit margin. So do we, but a little less because we prefer to buy more and adjust our margins.

Besides, of course, and I think there’s no secret in that andSuccess comes from a lot of sacrifice, a lot of effort and hard work.… Behind a successful business are many sleepless hours. I think this is the success of any company, not just mine.

Master key of Fish Attack!, is trying to offer narrower margin products, I think that’s what makes us stand out. We try to give a wide variety so that people can find the freshest fish or seafood. There are more exclusive pieces and cheaper ones, but we try to have a product range that can reach every citizen, regardless of purchasing power.

And all this without sacrificing the slightest bit of kindness that has always characterized us. Because we can have quality products like any other, but always with good treatment, tighter margins and of course a wide variety.

What can consumers find in “Mariscos Al Ataque!”?

You can find almost anything, always maximum variety We have always adopted the principle of offering a wide variety so that people who come to our business can find everything.

As a result of this, and so that everything is not concentrated in the same business, we decided to open it under the common name. “Counterattack”we only offer products that we put on the market, both fresh and frozen fish.

“We decided to open” instead of keeping everything together on the same counterCounter-Attack with a range of products, let’s say, “low cost”offers a wide range of products and I believe this is where the success of our lines of business lies.

According to other suppliers “Mariscos Al Ataque!”

The biggest advantage of coming to our establishment, as I said before, is that we have a wide variety of products and especially in the New Year’s Eve campaign, where we continue our line and offer a wide variety of seafood. People cannot choose just one class from each product, they can find 6, 8 or 10 kinds of shrimp, they can find seven kinds of shrimp… In fish and shellfish ¡Al ataque!, we always try to find offers to offer to our customers.

Currently opening our warehouse, we offer wide program for people to buy comfortably without stress. It should be taken into account that we finish around 14:00 in the market where we start at 7 am. We open later on our ship also in the evening from 5 to 9 am or until closing time, so We give so many hours for people to buy quietly.

When we look at the New Year’s campaign, what is the current situation of the fish and seafood industry and how is the season expected?

We’ve been hearing a little bit of “disinformation” or alarmism for a while, let’s say, on TV and different news about it. There is some information that is not really true as we believe it creates a false alarm. They keep saying that the crustaceans will go up too high, the fish will be much more expensive, and everything will go up, which is not true.

For example, When we compare the shellfish we have purchased from this campaign and have in our rooms compared to last year’s prices or even the previous year, there are some products that are not cheaper, but much cheaper, by a margin of 4 to 4. 5 € on some products.

It is also said that the fish sector has risen a lot. It should be noted that there are days when fresh fish per day comes from auctions, there are days when it is more expensive, and there are days when it is cheaper. But this has nothing to do with the current situation, as with everything else, it has to do with the demand that existed in those days and the amount that went out to tender.

Of course, fresh fish will rise, and shellfish especially so, because whenever you want to eat the fresh seafood of the day, logically, the closer it is to Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, the more demand will increase. But it’s not this year specifically, it happens every year, it’s not a novelty.

Finally, we would like to state that we hope the campaign will get better after these difficult years. Last year, the campaign was somewhat interrupted due to the Constitutional bridge, as meetings were greatly restricted due to the tenth wave of covid. Numerous company dinners and lunches have been cancelled, and we also serve accommodation businesses that have suffered as a result.

That’s why we wish this campaign to be completely normal, of course we welcome it with great excitement. Fish and Seafood ¡Al Ataque!

Consumers will find the best seafood on the market in Jaén, “Mariscos Al Ataque!” How can they find their products and services?

You can visit Fish and Seafood ¡Al Ataque! At the stalls of La Plaza de Jaén or in the shop on the street Guardia highway No.21.

We will be with you in our positions Market Square San FranciscoMonday to Saturday: 07:00 – 14:00 And on board La Guardia road Monday to Saturday: 17:00 – 21:00, Sunday and holidays: 10:00 – 14:30, and also in the morning on Mondays in December.

We also have home orders, which are completely free, and we will personally assist you by calling 629 489 247 so that you can place your orders easily from your home.

Find out more about our Christmas offers on the web and the social networks @pescados_alataque on Instagram and Fish and Seafood Al Ataque on Facebook.

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