The best emotes from Luis Enrique’s Twitch

The best emotes from Luis Enrique's Twitch

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The Spanish coach spent over an hour interacting with his Qatari fans.

Luis Enrique escaped no questions and spoke about everything surrounding the Spanish expedition.

Spanish coach Luis Enrique made his debut as a “streamer” on Twitch this Friday.. Technician announced it this week, and its premiere has been followed by more than 150,000 people through what he’ll be using for his personal channel. whole world interact with those who connect to see firsthand everything that surrounds them Spanish selection.

These are the best phrases Luis Enrique has left by “broadcast”.:

“Balde is well known to everyone. He is going to make his debut for the national team, he is very young, but he has the experience to help us. I am sure that the group will welcome him and help with everything”.

“In my time they called us Spanish rage, and when you saw the Germans you said where are we going? We’re lousy, we’re Latina, they set a standard for us and we know how to fend it off and take advantage of it.”

“This is how we’ve had the best successes for several years. Possession and releasing it. We’re special here. If we take the game to what we know how to do, we have options. Our players profile is creative.”

“Top 5 of the World Cup? Of course I’m getting wet: Brazil, Argentina. France, Germany. There is no one in the whole world who can say they are not favourites. Spain, England, the Netherlands are not favourites.” surprise. And Belgium is always behind”.

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“The whole team is cheering. In the Eurocup, the safety team Pablo won, he won the cocoon (affectionately said)”.

I wouldn’t play with the national team today, but I would call myself because I gave a good atmosphere.“.

“We only have one star and it’s time to move on to the second star. But we have to be cautious. We don’t feel inferior to anyone, but we don’t feel superior either.”

“I don’t even have any hobbies or clothes that my husband chose for me. Sometimes I choose two outfits and I get confused.”

“A player that surprised me? What a good question. Ansu played at home against Croatia on the first day. He hit the pointer, went ahead and they gave him a penalty. I turned and said to Rafel, but what is this, Oliver” and Benji?”

“Making it to the semifinals is an achievement. Any of the four teams that make it to the semifinals is one of the top four teams in the world. Our goal is to win but to make it to the semifinals would be a good result. There’s no doubt about that.”

“I brought the Sporting jersey and of course I will watch the Asturias derby”.

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“How am I going to wait for these 150,000 ‘audiences’ in your first directorial? Either you have a lot of free time or you are very interested in the selection and it makes me proud. It’s good in any case”.

“The most playful? Pedri has a lot of sarcasm between his Canarian accent and more, he has his own reason. Jordi Alba jokes all day and is a very caring guy, good vibes, sometimes a little ‘chingaruti’, but we still want it.”

“Busi controls them all, he’s the foreman.”

“Would you promise if we win? Iron Man? It sucks, I’ve made three. I accept suggestions, whatever you want. I’ve shaved many times and my wife doesn’t like it. I’m looking.”

If we win the World Cup, I promise to come here and ‘broadcast’.“.

“It was sad news to have to tell Gaya to go home, but the team needs to welcome Balde warmly, life is a bit”.

“We have the Argentines next door. I hope we can meet and greet them one day.”

“Argentina? I’m telling you: If Spain didn’t win, I would like Argentina to win. Why? Because I would like a player like Leo Messi to win.. It would be unfair for him to retire before winning the World Cup. But someone else can still play because of his physical capacity and ambition, that shouldn’t be stressed.”

“Penalty shooters? They’ve been on duty for a year, they had to come to their club with 1,000 penalties.”

“The best Spanish player in history? Why not? I shoot for Villa because of the number of goals scored, but there are many goals: Kubala, Raúl, Butragueño, Quini…”.

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