Video. Tiktoker shares a trick for flying with pets in the airplane cabin

Video.  Tiktoker shares a trick for flying with pets in the airplane cabin

travel with Pets On an airplane this is not a simple or safe job, as animals are often transported in the cargo area of ​​the ship, where accidents ranging from damage to their boxes to fatalities have been recorded. crushing or choking.

One of the best travel options cabinunder the seat or with its own reserved place.

This is a sign by travel is impressive he has gained experience in flying with his animals for almost seven years without major complications.

Lora McLaughlinformer CBS news reporter and tik toker explained in a video his best recommendations for traveling with dogsespecially small sized ones or cats.

That is, instead of leaving animals in the hands of forklifts, baggage registered in warehousesIdeally, reserve a ticket for the pet in the cabin and put it in a ventilated pet carrier.

In case the box cannot fit into the seat, it can be placed under the seats if the dimensions are correct.

“These guys count as your hand luggage,” I said in the clip.

Purchasing a ticket for the pet ensures that the pet is accepted into the cabin as part of the flight. hand luggagebecause airlines often have a policy that restricts the passage of non-service animals.

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Based on her experience, Lora Airlines They charge an average of $125 per pet at their carriers, but here’s a rule of thumb: Carriers won’t always fit in cabins, and dogs must be a certain size.

“There are capacity limits for ticketed dogs, and their carriers only fit on certain planes,” Lora says.

this dogs Often the accepted ones are those that are “about twenty pounds or less.”

She has been traveling with her two dogs for over six years. Small-sized and shipping boxes are exactly the size the airlines require to avoid mishaps or are sent to warehouses as checked baggage.

Likewise, he explains that a significant portion of the journey is through safety belts, where dogs have to be taken out of their boxes to pass through metal detectors.

It also restricts food and water before travel, preventing dogs from going to the toilet or experiencing cleaning events during the journey. Flight “So you don’t want to go to the toilet”.

An important tip he initiates is to identify locations. pet friendly These places are usually provided by airports in certain areas for “pet help” before boarding.

How to fly with big dogs?

None airline Because of their size, they accept large dogs in the cabins. Only dogs or others are accepted. emotional support animals as long as they meet (ESA) size and weight requirements.

For large sizes on traditional hairy passengers, cargo holds are the only options.

Airlines often charge extra for this and in return offer pressurized, temperature-controlled compartments for dogs to stay in.

Don’t leave it at home! Consider these suggestions when you go on vacation and need to get on a plane.

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