Weather Friday | Media Spain to warn of rain, waves, storms or winds this Friday

Weather Friday |  Media Spain to warn of rain, waves, storms or winds this Friday

18.11.2022 09:17


A total of 13 provinces, as well as Ceuta and Melilla, will receive a yellow warning due to bad weather conditions.

This Friday, Spain’s thirteen provinces and autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla will be on yellow alerts Due to rain, coastal events, storms or wind, as reported by the State Meteorological Service (AEMET).

especially, in Andalusia waves will be at riskRains to Almería and Granada and Cádiz and for the same reason Asturias will have a yellow warning.

for your part, Balearic Islands They will be a yellow alert for rain, storms and coastal events. Also, Cantabria will be at risk due to rain and coastal events.

In Catalonia, Barcelona will be at risk from rain, Girona from waves and Tarragona from wind and waves. Rainfall will also give a yellow warning for Navarra this Friday.

Finally in the Basque CountryGuipúzcoa and Vizcaya will be at risk from rain and waves; In the Valencian Community, Castellón will be at risk from the wind; and the autonomous city of Melilla will have a yellow alert for waves and wind, and Ceuta for waves.

The skies in the far north of the peninsula will be cloudy or rainy this Friday. In the Cantabrian region they will be frequent showers and occasional storms, which can leave some significant aggregate accumulation; and on the Catalan coast and the Balearic Islands, ranges of cloudy or converting clouds are expected, with locally strong showers and storms.

The rest of the peninsula will be cloudy with usually light rain.without excluding the possibility of an occasional storm, which tends to open clearly from west to east starting in the afternoon.

These precipitations will be more abundant in the mountains of northeastern Andalusia and around the Bosphorus, but are unlikely or expected in the Ebro valley northwest of the northern plateau and much of the Valencian Community. Skies will be cloudy in the Canary Islands, precipitation will be highest in the north of the islands, and intermittently cloudy in the rest.

The snow level will be located at 1,300/1,500 meters in the Cantabrian mountain range.descending to 1,100/1,200 meters; In the Central and Iberian systems, 1,700/1,900 meters falls to 1,200/1,300 meters; In the Pyrenees, 1,600/2,000 meters falls to 1,300/1,500 meters; descends from 2,000 meters to about 1,500 meters in the eastern Andalusian mountains.

Temperatures will show a general decrease and will be maximum in the Ebro, the Central system and the Pyrenees and minimum in eastern Andalusia, southeast of the Southern plateau, Murcia and the southern Valencian Community. Frost is expected in the mountainous systems in the center and north of the peninsula.

Wind will blow from the west and northwest over the Peninsula and Balearic IslandsOn the coast of Cantabrian, around Alborán, Ampurdán and the lower Ebro, with strong or dense ranges in Alisio in the Canary Islands.

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