What does the European Christmas Capital offer?

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On Friday, December 2, the Christmas Market opens and the Christmas lighting is turned on. San Sebastián has installed a Ferris wheel on Andia street and will feature attractions such as a toboggan ramp, a giant ball, and a photo search.

Saint Sebastian presented this friday program for the holidays Christmas. It will be a very special year for the city, as San Sebastián, together with the Italian town of Genoa, European Christmas Capital. On December 2, which is also Friday, the Christmas Market will open and the people of San Sebastian will be able to enjoy the Christmas lights. A Ferris wheel has already been installed on Andia street and there will be many attractions such as a toboggan ramp, a giant ball and a photocall.

We detail below Everything you need to know about Christmas 2022 in San Sebastián.

When and where does the special Christmas 2022 program start in San Sebastián? On December 2 at 18:00, on Paseo de Francia, next to the María Cristina bridge.

That afternoon, the act of lighting christmas lights and will be inaugurated christmas market.

According to the City Council, “There will be a laser light show on the Urumea river and the María Cristina bridge itself, in a music and painting show. A giant light up doll will tour the bridge and its surroundings with music. It will be a giant puppet, stay until eight in the evening so that anyone can take pictures. Consistory underlines the “good memory” left by the balloon dancer participating in the performance in 2021 and hopes that this continues now.

“central lighting” at 18:30 christmas lightingclosing a collection of fireworks in the river”.

This year, “iconic buildings and venues have been incorporated into the lighting,” says Consistory. Therefore, one of the innovations is the Christmas lighting of the Victoria Eugenia Theatre, and the clocks on the Paseo de La Concha also have new lighting; christmas photo interview. The lighting of the Santa Catalina bridge, the lighting of Avenida de la Libertad and Loiola street were also renewed. Daily firing will be between 17:45 and 22:00.

The City Council states that access to the María Cristina bridge for road traffic will be closed in both directions between 16:30 and 18:30, “The Santa Catalina bridge is an alternative to circulation.”

this christmas market It will be around Urumea and has been designed “in the purest style of traditional Central European Christmas markets”. It will have 57 decorated cabins, 41 on Paseo de Francia and 16 on Ramón Labayen square. There will also be an online Christmas Market, which can be visited on the municipal website.

What other attractions will there be?

A christmas ball 12 meters high.

this noria The 32-metre-high Andía street, installed until January 31st. Except for Mondays, the price of each trip will be 5 euros with a 50% discount.

A ramp skid Going down one of its three lanes in an inflatable boat at Plaza Federico García Lorca. On Mondays, the 50% discount price will be 2 euros for two landings.

A train The reindeer decorated with Christmas motifs will be at the Plaza Cervantes at a price of 3.5 euros per trip, which will be 2.5 euros except Mondays.

A big screen On the Ramón Labayen square from December 8-15 to connect live with Christmas in Genoa. San Sebastián and Genoa are the European Capitals of Christmas 2022.

Video matching It will run for five minutes on the facade of the San Telmo museum, from December 27 to January 4, at 6:30 PM, 7:30 PM, 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM. Note the 4th of January, for the projection will be a little different, setting us up before the impending arrival of the Kings.

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