What happened on a day like today?

What happened on a day like today?

On a day like today, November 18, 2012, Emilio Aragon is dead, “miliki“, spanish clown. As a member of a family of clowns with a great tradition, Gaby was part of the trio of Fofó and Miliki, which made its debut in the Price circus in 1966 and achieved their greatest success with the program “Había una vez un circo”. Born in Carmona (Seville) in 1929, in his youth he worked with his brothers in America in various shows and media. Between 1990 and 1994, she presented the program “La Merienda”, which was broadcast on Antena 3, with her daughter Rita Irasema. Miliki was a versatile man: composer, writer, actor, comedian, presenter, musician and screenwriter.

Also, just today in 2012, Japanese company Nintendo launches Wii UThe eighth generation video game console successor to the Wii. The Wii U is Nintendo’s first console to support high-definition graphics and features a main controller called the “GamePad” with a built-in touchscreen.

Do you want to know more? Explore the ephemeris of November 18 and find out what happens on a day like today, who was born and who died. Also, don’t miss the celebrations, today’s horoscopes and saints.

What happened on November 18?

1928: Walt Disney premieres “Steamboat Willie,” the first animated movie with sound starring Mickey Mouse.

1978: Jonestown tragedy: Suicide of more than 900 American followers of the People’s Temple sect in Guyana.

1982: Creation of new courts with a socialist majority. The presidents of Congress and Senate are Gregorio Peces-Barba and José Federico de Carvajal.

1991: Irish band U2 is releasing their album “Achtung Baby”, in which they reinvent themselves and mark the start of a more creative and experimental decade.

1993: Section 21.2 of the Citizens’ Safety Act, which allows police to break into homes without permission for drug trafficking, has been declared unconstitutional.

1994: The Finnish Parliament approved the country’s accession to the European Union.

2004: Russia ratified the Kyoto Protocol.

2008: Somali pirates hijacked Delight, a Chinese cargo ship carrying 36,000 tons of wheat in the Gulf of Aden, off the coast of Yemen.

Who was born on November 18?

1787: Luis Daguerre, French painter and physicist.

1871: Amadeo Vives, Spanish composer.

1923: Alan Shepard, American astronaut.

1926: Estanislao Basora, Spanish football player.

1939: Margaret Atwood, Canadian writer.

1968: Owen Wilson is an American actor.

Who died on November 18?

1922: Marcel Proust, French writer.

1976: Man Ray is an American surrealist artist and photographer.

1987: Jacques Anquetil, French cyclist.

1999: Paul Bowles, American writer.

2002: James Coburn is an American actor.

2017: Malcolm Young, Scottish guitarist.

What is celebrated on November 18?

Today we celebrate the 18th of November. International Day of Islamic Art, World Philosophy Day, World Anticoagulant Day and Rational Antibiotic Use Day in Europe.

horoscope for november 18

Those born on November 18 belong to the zodiac. scorpion.

18 November Santoral

Today, November 18, Saints Odón, Román and the Dedication of the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul.

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