2023 neighborhood proposals include pet cemetery and more parking

La creación de un cementerio para animales de compañía se encuentra entre las ideas vecinales que han pasado la criba

this Vila-real Town Hall Already 24 proposals were selected that could be part of the tenth edition of the participating budgets. One of the initiatives included in the list of possible actions optimization of pet cemeteries or parking spaces.

Thus, the phase Vote for citizens’ opinions by November 23 for residents to decide which projects they consider priority on the list. platform

this councilor Miriam Caravaca from Citizen Engagement said: A total of more than 40 projects submitted within the deadline, but a little more than half of them are sieved or eventually discarded by the technicians. because they are not related to municipal competence issues or are not technically possible.

Thus, in the next few days, citizens will be able to decide list of finally approved projects as mentioned pet cemetery as reported Mediterrenianis an initiative. considered interestingbut it is complicated to accept economically.

this mobility Parking problem is also among the demands of the citizens. Creating more space, making parking for trucks, working on opening dead-end streets, improvement of electric public transport vehicles or applications bus urban.

Accordingly, proposals are multiplying to reshape pedestrian routes. Repair of sidewalks in the Roser neighborhood and Santa Cristina and Zaragoza streets, rehabilitation of footpaths and highways, increasing the number of green spaces, creating a shaded area around the old Herarbo’s car park or Renovate the park in the San Fernando neighborhood with children’s facilities.

more projects

Also, the allocation Multipurpose venue for associationsa campaign to promote Task for victims of vulnerable groups gender violence; Project “Hogar Feline”, Collection of pet feces based on DNA countdevelop program against unwanted loneliness in the elderly or installing streetlights with sunlight also joins the list of contributions.

Finally, he goes on to talk about the creation of a formation. Local Police app for incident management, to carry out awareness campaigns in sign language, to update regulations for citizens to live togetherOpening of children’s library in Cedre District.

Caravaca was pleased with the response at this initial stage of ideas and encouraged the public to vote on the issues they felt had the highest priority, up to a maximum of three. Elela said, “This is the City Council’s demonstrated his belief in participation and gave a voice to the people of Vila-Real through participating organizations, as well as promoting active listening policies for put people at the center of the action“.

It should be noted that in80% of the proposals that passed the selection process in the previous call were implemented.with fifteen shares promoting the social and labor inclusion of people with functional diversity, removing architectural barriers, renovation of the playground termite or installation of solar panels in municipal buildings.

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