‘Andor’ finds oil in Star Wars underworld

'Andor' finds oil in Star Wars underworld



We are a conformist society. Instead of seeking perfection, we submit to emptiness and condemn everything that comes out of the pot to originality, talent, whatever it may be. It’s the only way to explain why Star Wars, one of the most powerful legions of fans, was doomed. for Ryan Johnsondare to break with canons “The Last Jedi”. It didn’t matter that his movie beat the rest of the new trilogy in terms of quality. The first rule of the galactic empire is to repeat the paradigm even if there is a copy, so that what is sold as tribute becomes a duplicate of what was seen before. Check out her pastry ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ by JJ


New isn’t interested so ‘Rogue One’ was a relative failure, likewise
so ‘Andor’,
The best series in the galactic universe did not debut as it deserved. they will continue to save “Obi-Wan Kenobi”like a simple turn Ewan McGregor The Jedi role justified the seediness of the product where the plans were off, the CGI was slightly better than that of ‘She-Hulk’, and the erratic plot was lost even when going in a straight line.

Avoiding or avoiding success does not mean failing. The triumph of the series, starring Diego Luna, is its audacity, an ambitious proposition that is not limited to well-known villains like Palpatine and the devious whims of the empire, but also appeals to the less traveled paths in the galaxy. Rebels are the order of the day, but heroes

‘andore’They are not heroes leading the revolt, but marginalized pariahs of a system that relentlessly preys on anyone who goes against the tide.

Denise Gough in Andor
Denise Gough in Andor

For the first time, the guts of the regime are clearly shown. How decisions are made and what their consequences are, the regime’s torture methods are not limited to the fraudulent confrontation between the vigilante and the hero on duty. The spotlight illuminates the darkest areas, such as the difficulties in financing the revolution, the retaliation against the instigators of the uprisings, the sacrifices of the rebels… And of course the characters have curves, they are not monolithic. No one is just good or just bad, there is credibility in the nuances of a gritty series structured by closed ‘adventures’ that open up the universe. ‘Andor’ is like life; It does not hesitate to stand with its lights and shadows. The result, of course, is a more complex and adult product than ever before, a whiter “rare bird” devoted to family content on Disney+.

‘Andor’ isn’t the careful series ‘The Mandalorian’, but it’s still a series of successive little adventures with an adorable doll that’s destined to explode levels of ‘trade’. Diego Luna’s is a clever series with well-measured suspense and rhythm, action on the edge and well-developed characters, with a choral presence despite the protagonist being the protagonist as the show suggests. cassian andor. Yes Star wars He wants comebacks like Diego Luna’s, which is definitely cheaper than Ewan McGregor.

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