Athletic – Real Sociedad | Women’s League: ‘Baile’ txuri-urdin at San Mam茅s

Inside yellow tits there was a good party. this derbies they always are. The first level stage opened its doors to a loud duel. athletic. However, the graphic (and fictitious) image that defines this Saturday’s match shows Natalia Arroyo, Nerea Eizagirre, Gaby, Amaiur Sarriegi and the company getting on the disc jockey platform and inviting her out of the room and playing Txuri-Urdin in the foreign territory. He played the anthem. And it’s too long. So much so that real society invited the rojiblancas dance period of achieving a refreshing victory. i needed this. He deserved it and understood.

After the 3-5-2 introduced in the previous match (home loss against Madrid CFF), the Catalan coach once again opted for the 4-3-3 scheme in the head. Meanwhile on the opposite bench, Iraia Iturregi, who had set Athletic in a rhombus via a 4-4-2 midfielder, seemed to anticipate the change and her goal was pretty clear: to create at least one numerical tie in the wide field, four txuri- urdin Nerea against four as Eizagirre’s inside action tends to turn him into another midfielder. Once the initial intentions were embodied, the match progressed and La Real was always far superior when it came to executing the plan after all.

Both the Nanclares goal and the Tejada and Vanegas centers were very clear that the clean start was on the flanks via Le Guilly and Bernab茅. And having freed both of them, especially the one from Madrid as they steered the game according to Nerea’s plan, the txuri-urdin team never tire of hurting a confused Athletic. When it comes to focusing and placing herself next to the old realist Itxaso, Nerea herself has measured the times very well. And his friends, who attracted his opponent to the group, almost always managed to connect with him. In an apparent panorama of visitor supremacy, the Arroyo-designed preprint joins the party, causing the Gaby height to print in a very narrow 4-4-2 whose ends close the passages inside. Cecilia took a direct shot from the Qui帽ones and the Gipuzkoan pass ended 0-1 for Amaiur after a faulty shot by Eizagirre.

clear advantage

La Real gained an advantage but their demeanor did not change one iota, bold in both directions, on pressure and on the ball out. However, in the context of territorial dominance the Arroyos had achieved, Athletic found an equalizer in the only way that seemed possible, a long delivery behind the guest defence. The blue and whites attacked from the Bernab茅 area, and a local response turned a targeted opening into an assist. Vanegas and Tejada remained vigilant in spying on Arana and Amezaga, but the latter left La Rioja behind to defeat Nanclares by short post after entering the area. 1-1 did not do justice to what was seen on the field until then in the 16th minute. However, once again, the txuri-urdin script was not replaced by a goal against it.

Those from Arroyo followed theirs. And although Athletic at first seemed to be on the pulse of the match after the draw, Real immediately took up the task of marking the field, depending on the situation. In one game phase where the Gipuzkoan team enriched their game thanks to extreme variability, locations and resources, Amaiur in two games and Nerea in the other had clear chances to make the match 1-2. Nerea remained undetected as he followed his movement towards the midfielder. Gaby was constantly pressing the opposing area. And txuri-urdin football, still keeping Bernab茅 as their main exit route, began to explore Cecilia’s right flank more and more often, punching near the lemon and successfully intercepting every time the ball reached her home zone.

It was no coincidence that the derby went with the txuri-urdin advantage at halftime. With Bernab茅 on the wing, Nerea on the inside support and Gaby at Amaiur on the striker, a serve from Madrid, Venezuela, was allowed in the trademark lawsuit to cut Valdezate and hit the Mariasun Qui帽ones. The first half deserved 1-2 for a Real that forced Iraia Iturregi to blow her brains during the break. The local coach predicted he would change the draw for the second half, choosing 4-3-3 but not closing the leaks. In fact the remedy was worse for the rojiblancas than the disease, greatly surpassed after restarting.

1-3, set pieces

Starting from the right with Nerea picking up more players in the engine room in the second act than their opponent, Real had fun and abandoned Athletic’s attempt to level the competition, pushing it to a bigger zero. Txuri-urdin found interior corridors where an ocean liner could fit. They attacked them perfectly. And they had a clear case that if they had mediated more success and moderation in the penultimate and final pass, they could have scored a truly scandalous one. However, football often presents similar paradoxes this Saturday: 1-3 came in strategic action thanks to a head from Gaby after a corner kick at the start of the second act.

From then on, wasted passes followed one after another, and as a result, Athletic had a five-minute boost from 80 to 85, which could well have put them in the game. However, Real’s request for time would not be consistent with this derby. When the local hustle was over, Natalia Arroyo’s men were able to enjoy the important victory even before the final whistle, making up for the bad experience of the previous day in the best possible way. This team is still very serious. He warned the sailors in San Mam茅s.

Data sheet

ATHLETIC Qui帽ones, Hernandez, Valdezate, Bibi (Uriarte, min. 73), Nevado, Itxaso (Mariana, min. 46), Unzu茅, Pinedo, Azkona, Amezaga (Ortega, min. 54), and Arana (Peke, min. 73).

REAL SOCIETY A. Nanclares, Le Guilly (Iraia, min. 82), Tejada, Vanegas, Bernab茅, Gaby G. (A. Jacinto, min. 88), Gemma, I. Arnaiz (Torre, min. 88), N. Eizagirre ( Jensen, 70 min), C. Marcos (Franssi, 82 min) and Amaiur.

TARGETS 0-1, m. 6: Amair. 1-1, m. 16: Threatening. 1-2 m. 39: Gabby. 1-3 m. 48: Gabby.

JUDGE Aza Garden. Visitors warned Gaby G. and Le Guilly.

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