Christmas decorations l Parque del canódromo l ‘1888. year of jack

Christmas decorations l Parque del canódromo l '1888.  year of jack

Christmas is approaching, which means thinking about food, dishes, ordering gifts for Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men … It also means thinking about decorating the house with a traditional Christmas tree, nativity scene or flowers. Or three things at once… Because speaking of decoration, I’m telling you we spoke with Juan Gabriel García, a floral designer and professor at the same time. Flower Design School Born in Palma from Barcelona, ​​but with a flower workshop in Manacor, it will open to the public on November 26 and 27, the first to celebrate its fifth anniversary, and the second to show off its Christmas floral design that will surprise us. this year.

Ponsetia, down?

Concerning the latter, Juan Gabriel emphasized that this year they winked at the environment in terms of Christmas floral decoration, “they created a collection based on fresh flowers mixed with fresh flowers. preserved flowers (or fresh flowers that have undergone a treatment that allows them to last up to five years, so they are logically more expensive than fresh ones) and dried, among others wheat, safflower, canned roses, proteases, etc. Christmas-specific greens such as fir, pine, gum, and the fruits of these times, among others, pineapple, orange, stuffed apple, etc.
Concerning the Christmas flower, or ponsetia, García notes that “for example, it was reduced compared to the Christmas bouquet made with pine, fir, berries and flowers to suit the client, bulbous flowers (amryllis, hyacinth, tulip) …), wheat, different types of eucalyptus, among others, etc.”.

how to decorate bathroom

And as for which part of the house is usually decorated more, “it depends on the taste of those who live in it. Some choose to decorate it completely, others, parts and bathroom in between. Price? Depending on what you want to decorate… Well, let’s say 25 euros.” between 1,800 euros, which is the money they pay us to decorate a house, I mean the whole house ».

How can you decorate a bathroom and dinner tableFor example, shall we say? «The first one from this time of year with a small vase filled with greenery and candles with apple, orange, cinnamon flavors… All very suitable for the environment. As for the dining table, we created what we call a moving table with a white tablecloth, where we will place garden roses or tulips along with branches and eucalyptus. restaurant.

In the park, it’s all the same

The wide slopes on the ramps continue and the wall remains unfenced.

Despite the fact that it was said in Cort’s penultimate session dog park there is the approval of the technicians, something that neither Vox nor Bauzà – nor we – agreed, demanded that the park be closed until these deficiencies are corrected, the park continues to be a danger, it continues. The wall facing Sa Riera – what if someone falls? In the aforementioned section of sa Riera, it is so low that at night anyone can sneak in there and have a bottle or a party under the stars. What’s more, they didn’t even repair the damage it caused to the medieval aqueduct that ran to one side of the fence jumps, and… Well, at the plenary they decided to fix it, not close it. When?

a binding book

going half way 1888. The year of Jackwe have to accept it miquel alzamora, The author has done a great job, hooking the reader from the very first page, because it describes that place in London where much of the plot takes place. Because he does it so vividly and in detail that you get the feeling that you are witnessing what is going on there, in the front row, which is not the least bit and he describes it in such detail. That’s why it binds you.

news on the street

Also, we journalists should thank Miquel for telling the story of Jack the Ripper from a journalistic standpoint, as the police have been the main character in all the stories about this character to date. . This also has a leading role in this book, but not as much as the three journalists and doctors.

On the other hand, when describing how you work in the writing of a newspaper, what happens in the newspaper when the competition brings you a piece of news, or how your colleagues wander around looking for clues, it seems to us that it reminds us a little bit of the article. Last minute, where the slogan is –and now–, “news is on the street, get out and search”, because… “Get out to the goddamn street,” the newspaper’s director, Harry O’Brien, said in the novel by Alzamora. Connor Davies and Charlie Wilson, reporters from the Events department, and go to the goddamn building, talk to everyone. I want to know everything. Who was the woman, what was she doing there, how did she die, what clothes did she have… Be a journalist for once…!»

1888. The year of Jack. I would read it if it were me.

For this reason. When we see Miquel, we’ll ask him. I’m sure you brought up some of the issues that happen in our news center day by day in the newspaper. Chronicle of the cityone of the protagonists 1888. year of jack. We’ll also ask her how many times she flew to London and when the police found Martha’s body—August 1888—she passed through Whitechapel, which was roughly the worst place in the capital at the time, but the main scene tells more than 356 pages, and yes, it’s also with people. that he spoke and certainly spoke…
In the meantime, we continue to read the book, and we invite you to do the same. Miquel will present it again on FNAC on the 25th of this month at 7pm.

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