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La Real added 3 crucial points against Athletic Club in the exciting derby that ended 1-3 in favor of txuri urdin.

The match started with the clear dominance of the San Sebastian women. The first big chance of the match came from the visiting team in the 4th minute. A beautiful ball that Gaby had skimmed from behind the txuri gorri defense landed at Amaiur’s feet, but Amaiur couldn’t identify it well and the ball went out. However, txuri urdin continued to attack, and after a measured pass from captain Eizagirre, Amaiur was victorious in the 6th minute of the game, sending another measured shot from behind the opposing defence. It’s the sixth goal so far this season for San Sebastian. The visitors remained in possession of the ball, but after a well-executed counterattack from behind, Amezaga stood alone against Nanclares and leveled the match with a low shot on the post. Despite the goal, the royalists continued to play in the same line and Amaiur once again got a dangerous chance, but this time the Quiñones caught the shot well. Eizagirre also wanted to test the goal and managed to quickly beat Valdezate after a long pass from Le Guilly, but the goalkeeper cleared the ball well. However, after Bernabé’s deep attack from the left flank, he filtered a pass for Gaby and Gaby led the ball into goal after a brilliant cut, making it 1-2 on the scoreboard after 39 minutes. this time ended with another attack by the royalists who couldn’t finish it.

For visitors, the second part couldn’t have started off better. A well-used corner kick by Eizagirre helped Gaby head the goal and increase the lead to 1-3 in the 48th minute, thus signing her support. Taking advantage of the two goals against the current player on the leaderboard, the Lionesses drew the lines up and opted for a more offensive stance. However, Natalia Arroyo’s team capitalized on the gaps they had left behind and after a fantastic pass from Amaiur, Cecilia tried to score a goal, but the game ended with the striker and the local goalkeeper colliding. At the end of the second half, txuri gorris got a good shot, but Uriarte’s shot fell into Nanclares’ hands. In the discount, San Sebastian wanted to increase the score even more, but the referee whistled and the score was closed to 1-3.

Three points for Txuri Urdin, who always knows better if he’s in the derby. A crucial win at San Mamés after clearly dominating most of the 90 minutes. They will return to Zubieta next week to face Levante Las Planas. Hey Royal!

Data sheet:

Athletics club: Quiñones, Hernandez, Valdezate, Bibi (Uriarte, min. 73), Nevado, Itxaso (Mariana, min. 46), Unzué, Pinedo, Azkona, Amezaga (Ortega, min. 54), and Arana (Peke, min. 73).

Real society: A. Nanclares, Le Guilly (Iraia, min. 82), Tejada, Vanegas, Bernabé, Gaby G. (A. Jacinto, min. 88), Gemma, I. Arnaiz (Torre, min. 88), N. Eizagirre ( Jensen, 70 min), C. Marcos (Franssi, 82 min) and Amaiur.

Goals: 0-1: Amar, min. 6 1-1: Threat, min. 16 1-2: Gaby G., min. 39 1-3: Gaby G., min. 48.

Judge: Aza Garden. Visitors warned Gaby G. and Le Guilly.

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