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El Ateneo Cultural El Albéitar acoge la exposición conmemorativa del Coro Universitario de León.

When it comes to reflecting on the event we’re celebrating, our emotions and memories run out of words and of course all manner of adjectives; and you cannot define an activity that marks a life. Fortunately, this is a musical event, and so we have the privilege of turning to music to decipher the ins and outs of the word that doesn’t give more than itself. And like other artistic manifestations, the main purpose of music is to bring out emotions, joy or pain, it doesn’t matter. The truth is that when words run out of rhetoric and they have nothing to say, they come to the aid of music and then become able to express what music alone cannot express.

I like celebrations because with them the past full of emotions and feelings returns. But you don’t have to wait 25-50 years for an unforgettable situation, because it is life itself that happens and does not stop. The event that interests us is about bringing a period of our life to the present. University of Leon Choir. It was a commitment to sensitivity and culture that would mark us as welcome. Go ahead, then a statement of intent: we want to commemorate the reunion between us who were part of this unforgettable adventure, and we want to do it by singing 20, 30 or 40 years later, but without calling it a concert. because this is so much more than a concert. He will, of course, try to reconstruct the delicate building we built at the time, some musical pieces that were sung by the University of Leon Choir at the time and become study material today. They don’t have to follow a chronological order, a set theme, or, of course, the pursuit of excellence. These points will be living stones extracted from the building, they will return to their headquarters after being used and remembered. It will be enough to listen and feel them to discover the power and mysticism they contain. For one reason or another, they have meant a lot in the evolution of our history.

It was 22 years when young college students shaped their academic lives because of the collective enthusiasm produced by their choral singing. It was like a drug that provided illusions, hopes, devotion, discipline, and anxieties, all of them youthful. There was no need to persuade them with academic debates or Byzantine debates about the human and cultural value brought by the art of music. By singing polyphonically, they understood the importance of the sensitive formation of the individual, and so the daily rehearsal, the meeting of different faculties, as well as an additional lecture, became a small university within a large university.

Soon it was time to convey our sensations to the public in the form of a concert. Countries such as Portugal, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and different regions of Spain witnessed our insatiable enthusiasm when we came to convey our feelings to the world. We tried to instruct and distract the world with our voices by proudly representing our people, institutions and ourselves as if it were the best embassy.
He was an extraordinary ambassador in the choir of the University of Leon, in all concerts and outings in and out of Spain, conveying culture and sensibility through music; It tangibly demonstrated the importance music can have at University when it comes to conveying sensitive facts in the classroom.
When applause from the audience increased after each concert, we remembered the work in the rehearsals, so we better appreciated the sweetness of the victory. It was a mixture of pain and joy.

Rewards were not lacking for each day’s effort and work. Bronze medal at the XVIII Tolosa Festival in 1986, the recording of an album dedicated to H. Schütz and C. Patiño, or the CD dedicated to J. Montón and Mallén on the occasion of Las Edades del Hombre, as well as the ‘Europa Cantat’ to be held in Strasbourg ‘ selection of the choir to represent Spain in the competition. It is true that s is a polyphony. XVI was the foundation and foundation of our entire project. Victory TL our guide and example to follow. But collaborations with major orchestras, international soloists and famous conductors have made it possible to interpret great works of musical literature.

It was a real privilege to be able to travel all over Europe. Emotions, the fact of knowing other worlds, contact with famous orchestras, experiences, concerts were priceless; They have contributed to strengthening our personality and, best of all, to be more sensitive, and in what way.

by interpreting “Stabat Mater” of the A.Dvorack At the opportunity presented to us to sing in Vienna, in the homeland of music, we seemed to see how the tears of the Sorrowful Mother also rolled down our cheeks; It was quite a privilege. We felt important, but at the same time humiliated, because we were the heroes of an exciting and sublime reality.

Everything we undertake in life has a beginning, a development, and an end. Life itself is part of this philosophy: we are born, we grow, and we die. In our case, we are not dead because our experience allows us to strengthen the bonds that will be formed over time.

This meeting will serve to remember our faces, albeit a little disfigured already 20, 30 and 40 years later, but it will also serve to hug us with immense gratitude thanks to the music we met.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the University of León, who wanted and knew how to host us. I congratulate the various rectors and rectorate teams who participated and supported this activity. A special thank you to the current leaders for welcoming this initiative in every possible way. also thanks Mr. Nicanor Already Mr. FlorentinoWe thank Jesús Divino Obrero and the parish priests of Santa Marina la Real for providing us with these temples during the rehearsals. And thanks to the chorus that contributed to making me happier in the golden age of my life.

Samuel Rubio He has been the director of the University of Leon Choir since 1980.

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