Even the mascots are preparing to encourage the National Team

Even the mascots are preparing to encourage the National Team

As every four years to support the Argentine team at the World Cup, clothing stores have been stocked with light blue and white clothing, but this time the offer has been added for t-shirts, headbands, bandanas, scarves and even cats and dogs. T-shirts and shorts for Neuquén pets to watch matches with their owners.

Veterinarians and pet shops have been selling all kinds of pet apparel for national team fans nonstop for over a month now, with customers arriving with their pets to find the best look for this important event.

Lorena, one of the employees at the Pancitas pet store, LMNeuquen They sell bandanas in various sizes, with and without snap fasteners, bandanas, collar and leash sets, t-shirts. “We’ve been selling very well since last month and we’re selling more and more these days before the first game of the World Cup,” he said.

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Shirts in different stores start at 2,400 pesos for the smallest pets and then go up to 4,700 pesos for the largest sizes. Scarves are 1500 pesos, bandanas are 1300 pesos and hats are 1500 pesos.

Nahir Rosales of the local Somos Pet Shop said there are a lot of customers who come to buy World Cup clothing for their dogs and cats. At this venue, mascots can even go with a full set of shirts and shorts to encourage Lionel Messi to show his magic in Qatar and score a goal that will make every pet family happy.

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“We’ve brought scarves, berets, t-shirts, shorts and t-shirts for dogs and cats for sale, we’re almost out of stock. We just have what we have in the room,” he said. LMN The employee also said that every day people come looking for a World Cup gift for their pet.

Nahir also said that the main model of the store where he works is his puppy “Doki” and said that it is the pet who tries on all the football clothes for the photos.

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Little “Doki” is a close friend of “Amparo”, a dog belonging to customer Andrea Campás, who is a daily visitor to the store. The little girl already has a beret and scarf from Argentina and is ready to accompany her owner in Argentina’s first match against Saudi Arabia next Tuesday at 7pm.

“I am a customer of the venue and for a few days they have been presenting the accessories they brought to me for the World Cup, the mascot is a mascot, part of the family and another fan of Argentina. he does not understand anything,” he was excited about the first match of the world cup.

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Amparo is ready to watch the World Cup with its owner.

Amparo is ready to watch the World Cup with its owner.


For Campás, “Amparo” assures one more daughter and plans her expenses each month to meet her food, vet, hairdresser and other needs.

“Animals are a part of our daily life and I think we are very dependent on them, which has only increased after the pandemic. Today we do everything with them, we take them on trips, on the plane, even out to dinner.” And we carry them, the shops that accept them are multiplying,” the woman said, emphasizing that pets are a part of their owners’ lives and therefore they cannot miss the World Cup.

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In the Wow store! To support the Argentine team, Pet Boutique has set up a space where they make a “mundialero corner” for customers to go and take pictures with their cats and dogs. There are streamers, hats, posters, wigs, bandanas, light blue and white paints for both humans and pets so you and your loved ones can remember the World Cup.

Mer said they also sell T-shirts for small dogs up to 50kg. There is also the possibility to customize the shirt with the puppy’s name and even choose the player number they want to put on it. “We send them to be made and within a week you have the personalized shirt and they have a lot of shirts with this idea, we send a lot of shirts to be made,” he said.

At this place they also sell world cup jerseys from Argentina with bandanas, headbands and necklaces with bows going through them. “We thought of everything for a photo, because maybe a dog won’t be comfortable with a headband all day, but people get better, they come looking for more to go crazy,” said Mer. but they had the opportunity to buy food and take the souvenir with them.

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