Hundreds demonstrated to protest Murcia City Council’s Mobility Plan

Hundreds demonstrated to protest Murcia City Council's Mobility Plan

They denounce the hypocrisy of the “painting project” of “painting some stripes green, some red and neighbors black”.

MURCIA, 19 November (EUROPA PRESS) –

Hundreds of people supported the march this Saturday jointly organized by the groups ‘Cierran mi barrio’, SOS Vistabella’, ‘Espinardo Colapsado’ and ‘Asociación Mercado de Verónicas’ to show their rejection of the Murcia City Council Mobility Plan. can be imposed “without agreement with neighbors and merchants”.

The march, which started at 19.00 from El Rollo and ended with a manifesto reading on Avenida de la Libertad, came after more than a month of daily mobilizations on the Old Bridge and the gathering of more than 1,000 signatures in Istanbul. 10,000 in Espinardo and El Carmen.

In this joint manifesto, they denounced the “hypocrisy of the painting project, a project based on painting some stripes green, some red, and neighbors black”.

It is worth noting that it was the first joint action of these groups to regret that “not a single comma of their project was changed or any contribution from the neighborhood was included”.
Likewise, they reiterate their request for a drill before starting the work.

By joining their voices, they want the Murcia City Council to listen to them and design the future of their neighborhood with people who live, work and enjoy before they start work.

Specifically, they criticize the sale on foot of a project that eliminates sidewalks and increases them by 10 centimeters in Espinardo, or “a plan that eliminates them everywhere, not just planting trees.” Neighborhoods as can be seen in El Carmen (C/ Industria), Espinardo (C/ Mayor) and Vistabella (Avenida de la Fama).

They also demand that they be offered an alternative, “Because the 1,400-car parking lot cannot be removed with the promise of deterrence before the works, and today there is no land, no place, not even a project.”


The groups challenged the City Council once again to run a one-week simulation of their plans for traffic restriction and the elimination of parking spaces that it entailed, with the promise to deploy and support the project if successful. Petition for the City Council to sit down with the neighbors to improve the situation in the event of chaos.

Today’s walk, they say, is “about something as simple as asking residents of Espinardo that the Mayors of Calle don’t become a Sewer path without parking lots, trees, or sidewalks and with twice as many circulation lanes.” It remains the heart of the city where you can walk, shop and have a drink, because it is unacceptable to end all this for the buses to save less than a minute.”

Also, in Vistabella, a neighborhood with a shortage of parking because there is no garage, 300 places cannot be eliminated without offering alternatives or taking into account that there is Reina Sofia, a hospital with about 2,000 employees next door. It is more difficult to reach as it can have serious consequences in an emergency. There will be a large number of patients.

And of course, it has a lot to do with the neighborhood of Barrio del Carmen, which does not want to be isolated from Murcia and has for more than a month declared its closure due to the elimination of its main entrances by daily mobilization: the Old Bridge and the highway to reach the heart of the neighborhood, where access is reduced to a single lane. centers where her trade with no access or parking is doomed to disappear in favor of shopping.

They add that all this was done “despite Local Police warnings of the risk posed by single-lane streets in an emergency.”

“Unfortunately, the Murcia City Council refuses to change a single comma in their projects, which is something Verónicas also suffers from. Again, they do this without consulting the main affected parties, without giving them adequate information and without considering their alternatives.”

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