Pets become silent victims of inflation in Valencia

Pets become silent victims of inflation in Valencia

Complaints about inflation are on the agenda of the houses. Valencian Community. It’s easy to hear in a conversation how fuel or food prices are rising and what expenses need to be cut here and there to balance the bills. However, there are family members who do not have a say in their needs: Pets are often at the forefront of risk due to loss of purchasing power due to inflation. Operations and treatments in veterinary clinics can be quite an economic challenge for a dwindling pocket. Also, according to experts, the quality of daily dog ​​and cat food may deteriorate more than ever, as the difference between ingredients from leading brands and supermarket feeds is huge.

veterinarian and manager of the Valencia clinic Patraix, Ana Ferreraccepts that people areIt delays things as they come with water up to their throats.It can be treated from simple but necessary issues such as vaccination or neutering. There are also treatments for non-urgent diseases that the animal can experience but with some pain, which can be deferred to the pet’s misfortune, Ferrer says.

“There are people who delay things because they come with water up to their necks,” says one vet.


In recent months people have searched for more ‘low cost’ clinicswhere they don’t do things quite right: they stop doing analytics, they stop testing… After all, it is a danger to the health of the animal. It’s one thing to put the price down by 50 euros, but when things get more scandalous, people have to get their attention,” the vet says. He prefers a low-cost clinic “And most of the clinics around here have similar prices. …”, complains Ferrer.

“It is necessary to split the 20% payment”

“There’s never a hard four pesetas, that’s a saying many of our colleagues have said,” says the vetology vet. Frank Navarroin whose clinic Picanya. They have chosen to bring practical solutions to price increases in their organizations. “During an operation, we help split the payment before the full payment is made., but now about 20% of people need to take it apart. It’s a small in-house effort and we do it on a personal level,” says Navarro, who celebrates that they haven’t lost customers these months.

About feedNavarro “Prevention is always better than facing future diseases.“I give it often,” says supermarket bait. urinary problems in cats and puppies, as well as kidney and heart problems“.

Products for pets up 13.7% in September, according to INE


On the other hand, it is also albéitar Xavi Navarroworking in clinic Vet33 in Valenciapoints to two other fundamental problems of clinics. “Ten years ago, veterinary VAT increased from 10% to 21%something for animals abusive. It has since been suggested to lower it a bit but not done,” while reassuring about the food,” he says.internet market and the big ads stayed on the market and bypassed the small businesses”.

Navarro then comments on an incident that happened to him yesterday. “we have a dog with a super-infected mouthclinical analysis was 70, but the cleaning was 500 euros and it was not done due to economic problems. the animal is suffering“He emphasizes. He is also upset that there are customers who leave interventions for free: “It’s amazing that they don’t stop paying at El Corte Inglés and stop paying at the vet.“.

In September CPI, which was 8.9% in general for twelve months, Pet Products they reached an even higher ascent: 13.7%. A year ago it was around 3%, ten points less. veterinary serviceshowever, they withstood the pull of prices and only rose 3.2% per annum.

Swallow a stone, 3,000 euros

pablo andradeA young man from Valencia walking his dog What is that through the neighborhood Saint Isidreto count elevator-EMV dog swallowed a month ago seven centimeter stone. unfortunate purchase It eventually came to 3,000 euros.. Pablo realized the emergency one Sunday and had to take Neo to the emergency room instead of an ordinary vet. “First they asked me for 1,500 euros for the plate, diagnosis and previous tests, not counting the surgery,” he recalls.

In the end, another 1,500 euros was added. “I had to finance it in installments of 260 euros per month for a year. I had an impressive amount of money, 1,300 euros in my account and the rent came to me in three days. I was able to save him by creating miracles, asking here and there, but I don’t know if I can pay the price if it happens to me again.“, says Pablo, sums up it’s an act”loveWhen he says that, Neo happily runs around.

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