Spoiled clitoris of Olympic France | Idea

Spoiled clitoris of Olympic France |  Idea

I don’t know if you know their new mascot, the Phrygians. Paris 2024 Olympic Games. They are red, feminine, horny and smiling. And they are in the shape of a clitoris. Until now, Olympic mascots were inspired by animals (shepherd dogs, pandas, monkeys, hedgehogs…) but suddenly France comes and turns two rare clitoris into their flag. And very soon, perhaps a new symbol of Paris. In fact, after meeting Phryges, there are already those who claim that the Eiffel Tower is too phallic to represent the city of love. How could it have happened? It’s simple: its creators wanted to represent the patriotic Phrygian hat of the French, which they did, but at the same time they gave life to two giant clitoris, which are already smiling gloriously to the whole world.

It is a fact that Phrygians have two clitoris. I mean, the way they look at each other is almost obscene. they look alike The Vagina Museum in London He used pets to start a guide to their anatomy, which they show in the figure of domestic animals by showing the precious glans of the clitoris. It is because they have everything: even their urethral and vaginal openings, their cavernous body and roots. They are an excellent anatomical representation. And I wonder: who can imagine a bead-eyed phosphorite tool transforming into an Olympic mascot? Obviously, that couldn’t be. Because, of course, there are many eyes that see, approve and celebrate the mascot that will represent a country at the Olympic Games. So if the French Phrygian hat looked like a phallus, someone would notice it and say, “Hey, we can’t keep a giant penis as a pet.” But since they’re two big, red clitoris… apparently no one’s seen them.

because When it comes to the clitoris, the lack of knowledge about the organ is overwhelming. For this reason, the visibility that the Phrygians offer us is decisive in terms of sexual education, because our cultural heritage has historically fragmented the anatomy of the clitoris, making it an organ that is still not represented in textbooks today. And as incredible as it may seem, we didn’t know how it happened until 1998. The work of Australian urologist Helen O’Connell. He discovered that the glans clitoris was just the tip of the iceberg, with the entire organ measuring three to four inches and having two croissants that extended and encircled the vaginal edges. Also, at the time of orgasm, this organ is stimulated, hardened and bursting with pleasure. However, even today, the clitoris has not achieved the visibility it deserves. Perhaps that is why the erotic charge of the beautiful Phryges was not so easily noticed. Because, as Jean-Paul Sartre wrote in the 1990s, mental images Being and Nothingness: “Female genitals (…) are the call of existence, like all holes; In itself, the woman calls it a strange flesh, which, by penetration and dilution, must transform it into the fullness of being. A profound anatomical ignorance that stems not only from a mistaken understanding of the world, but also from sexual relations that can produce deviant power relations, as he explains in genius and detail. graphic essayist Liv Strömquist inside forbidden fruitor (Reservoir Books).

For all these reasons, the expansion that the Phrygians will contribute will undoubtedly have positive political consequences. Because the way we envision female sexuality has been political, not scientific or anatomical. Of course, biological ignorance facilitates deception. Thus, even Sigmund Freud dared to argue that young and immature women experience clitoral orgasms, while mature female sexuality implies vaginal orgasms. A disgusting invention that led the father of depth psychology to view female masturbation (and any clitoral stimulation) as unnecessary and inappropriate activities. According to him, women who could not orgasm during intercourse were cold. For this reason, heterosexual sex has traditionally been understood as synonymous with penetration. For example, a representation with serious political implications that allowed a penis to be needed to commit a crime of rape in the United States until 2012. Or, as it reminds us, the orgasmic gap remains a gender difference. Maria Hesse in his excellent and famous book Pleasure (Lumen), where he draws many beautiful clitoris, one is covered country of the week in February 2020. Among other things, he recalled that 95% of heterosexual men achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse with their partner, according to the data of 65% of women. Sexual Behavior Archives 2018. Something that shouldn’t surprise us, given the huge success of the Freudian sexual imagination. We know today that all female orgasms are clitoral and penetration is ridiculously exaggerated as a source of female pleasure.

So much so that Phryges became the perfect metaphor for all the silences and interruptions (symbolic and others, because it is still a banned and mutilated organ in some countries of the world) It’s about the feminine as it turns out we can’t see or name things we haven’t learned to look at. In other words, we see what we can recognize, not what is actually there. 20 years ago, the whole world believed that Phrygians had two Phrygian caps, but today there are many (and many of us) who are starting to interpret and celebrate the fact that there are two clitoris that wave the French flag. As if the female orgasm were a new cry that contributed to the freedom, equality and fraternity of République. The first Olympic mascot, political, red, sexual and feminist, was born.

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