The helpline for victims of sexist violence in the Basque Country is serving around 2,500 women in 2022.

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SATEVI (900 840 111) was called from 2,455 women, of which 1,420 was the first call. Artolazabal assures that the Basque Government’s commitment is to provide “more comprehensive care” from all regions.

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Telephone SATEVI (900 840 111) has received calls from 2,455 women so far this year, of which 1,420 were first calls, to draw attention to victims of sexist violence, the Basque Government’s Department for Equality, Justice and Social Policy reported today.

Head of department, Beatriz Artolazabal, made a statement regarding the data provided by the service, “defending its commitment to reach a conclusion. more comprehensive care and avoidance of re-victimization of the victims”.

Artolazabal attended today at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao, accompanied by Miren Elgarresta, director of Emakunde, presenting the progress made in the integrated management of resources for survivors of gender-based violence; Ainara Canto, Head of Consulting and Social Research EDE Fundazioa; and Oihane Zarate and Naiara Burgoa, responsible for SATEVI telephone service, the main gateway to services and resources.

As the consultant puts it, “advancing in integrated management means strengthening the coordination between all the services we offer, and with this we aim to provide more comprehensive and personalized care”. The ultimate goal, as she explains, is to “improve care and prevent the revictimization of women who have experienced or are being exposed to sexist violence”.

Artolazabal, in his meetings with the representatives of the associations of victims of sexist violence, stated that “their basic demands are a part of more empathetic relationship than all examplesboth judicial and social, health, security or social labor” and that the Basque Government is working for this purpose.

The integrated management project consists of: three phase: The first focuses on the work of the technical, legal and victim aid staff and the Basque Government’s Equality, Justice and Social Policies area. Phase two expands the scope of work to other Government departments (Departments of Security; Regional Planning, Housing and Transport; Health; Labor and Employment; and Education); While the third phase is now open to participation and cooperation with the care services for sexist violence survivors of other administrations, there are once three administrative levels of care for victims of sexist violence from CAV’s public institutions: Basque Government, Provincial Councils and Town Halls.

Miren Elgarresta, director of Emakunde, said: “In order to provide a good service, putting women at the center: Each and every one of the women victims of violence should be the center of our services, not the other way around”.

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