The police, who attacked two employees with sticks, is looking for the legal representative of SYR

The police, who attacked two employees with sticks, is looking for the legal representative of SYR

Authorities are looking for the legal representative of the SYR store, where two employees accused of robbing a cash register were battered and humiliated. Deytel Beita, Chief of Operations of the San José Municipal Police, said: People He said they plan to have him arrested from this Friday in order to be able to make statements about the events recorded on video and recognized by employers.

“Still, it was not stopped by the Constabulary and the Constabulary. Yes, there is an active arrest warrant for the representative of the store where the events circulated in different media, but we still do not have the confirmation of this arrest.

“The legal representative of the store where the incident took place has to answer, he has to explain the situation because there are complaints about crimes against the body integrity of people. The incidents took place in the building located on the west side of Banco Nacional, between 1st and 3rd streets, 4th street. There’s interference there right now.”

Deputy Minister of Public Safety Daniel Calderon said that the Forensic Investigation Agency had issued a warning around noon to locate this person, but he did not know if they had found him. Meanwhile, the Forensic Police limited this to stating that they did not detain anyone until 4 p.m., without providing further details, including the identity of the subject.

This man is wanted from the events that occurred at that SYR store the previous 14th August. A video released just this Monday shows the two women kneeling and the other two women beating them violently with sticks. One of the girls manages to say “sorry”, which does not mean that they stopped attacking him. Other people, including men and women, observe the scene without interfering. The Department of Criminal Investigation even added that one of the victims had a haircut.

Both were arrested for allegedly stealing money from the safe; only after the attack it was possible to confirm that there was no missing money. In this connection, a woman named Alvarado Dávila was arrested on suspicion of aggravated deprivation of liberty the previous Friday. Authorities are also investigating a man with the surname Hu for the same issue.


In addition to the process of locating this person, multiple police forces and government agencies were deployed to 16 CAR stores in the capital on Friday. At the end of the day, 14 of them were closed due to non-payment of municipal taxes.

“An interagency operation, involving the San José Municipal Police, other police forces and other Government agencies. It is a review operation of SYR stores located in San José. Every agency and every police force is examining what it corresponds to according to their mandate,” the city council explained.

Immigration, Treasury, Health, Labor and Patent Authorities were present at the facility to detect possible irregularities. The Financial Control Police (PCF), the National Insurance Institute (INS), the Costa Rica Social Security Fund (CCSS), and the Public Force were also present.

“This morning we are conducting an interagency operation whose purpose is to verify the compliance or legality of the operation of the facilities belonging to this commercial chain. Almost all units in the country are participating in this operation,” he said. ai From the San Jose Municipal Police.

The negotiations took place just one day after the Metropolitan Municipality itself announced that it was taking administrative action on the stores and that if immigration violations, worker violations or attacks were detected, an investigation would be carried out which could result in the stores being cancelled. patents

Signs were removed from SYR stores in various parts of the country, including Limón, Cartago and San José this Thursday afternoon. People tried to locate a spokesperson or representative of this commercial chain, but they did not answer their registered phone number.

This Wednesday, in statements to Multimedios, Two people claiming to be the owners of the SYR chain on Channel 8 claimed that they regretted the events, but claimed that the theft incidents of the girls who were attacked were repeated, and that the Police did not intervene even though they were called.

“One of the two employees is the cashier, the other is accepting the goods and they have stolen money and goods, not the first time, but many times. We gave those cases to the police, they turn around and leave, now we are fed up,” said one of the men.

“Before beating the thieves, we always asked the police for help to catch the thieves, whenever we call they say they can’t do anything because there are not one or two but many (…) We are tired of giving this answer,” he said.

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