The village of El Villar regains urban legality after a 30-year period

The village of El Villar regains urban legality after a 30-year period

The village of El Villar achieved urban legality after a period of 30 years. With the publication of the Junta de Andalucía (BOJA) in the Official Gazette, the urban land has been activated and the Fuente Palmera City Council has already started processing the dossier for the purchase of equipment for allocation to a municipal center in El Villar.

As reported by the Consistory in a note, the main aim of the innovation is none other than the delimitation of urban land affecting a total area of ​​18.9 hectares in the center of El Villar. For this, different districts with their own urban conditions have been created, so an individualized study of each project will be required.

For Francisco Javier Ruiz, mayor of La Colonia de Fuente Palmera, “this event is a historic milestone for the urban planning of La Colonia de Fuente Palmera.” After more than 30 years, we can meet the demands of Villarengos/as and organize a core that has been in urban uncertainty for many years, lacking the possibility of new development and subject to many constraints because we do not have a consolidated urban core.

In this limitation, there are two private enterprise internal reform areas with an area of ​​4.88 hectares. Between both internal reform areas, a maximum of 93 housing units were released, of which 38 will be subsidized housing. Likewise, with its development, land reserves for facilities and vacant areas for public use will be included. With the implementation of this planning change, responding to the demand for newly built housing of the core residents, more specifically new generations trying to settle themselves on a large scale, thereby contributing to the population and especially socioeconomic development of the Region.

The mayor affirms that “a situation that has dragged on since 1992 has been put to an end, when due to negligence the City Council did not comply with the Andalusian Junta’s response to the requirements to consider urban land as its core”. An amendment to Villar and subsequently to the Auxiliary Norms of Municipal Planning 2010, which excludes this core from Colono urbanism because it literally repeals art in Section 3.2. 88 of the Fuente Palmera NNSS” by allowing and regulating detached houses not intended for agricultural use on undeveloped land in Villar.

Until 2015, they didn’t want to or didn’t know how to deal with this serious condition that has wreaked havoc on the inhabitants of this core.” El Villar’s mayor, Salvador Fernández, commented, “This is a dream come true, it has been a very difficult task to achieve after many years of struggle, and it’s finally over.” “I would like to thank the municipality on behalf of the town of El Villar for their commitment, dedication and perseverance, their desire to get things done, and all the work they have done to make El Villar a town with an urban core like any other. Colonia de Palm Fountain”.

“It is an achievement that it can be developed, urbanized and our young people staying in our town. It has been reported that diptych will be distributed to all residents of the neighborhood in the coming days to be aware of this change, and an information meeting will be held on this subject.

Likewise, the Mayor informed that the City Council has started the process for the supply of equipment that serves as the Community Centre, as well as executing the Innovation, and that this core may also have the Multi-Purpose Building for the activities of the Associations and Collectives. As counted by all population centers of the colony. In conclusion, we can’t forget that Villar’s core and one of the most beneficiaries is the Stewardship of Undeveloped Land Innovation, pending registration only with the RIU and publication in BOJA. This change is mainly due to its dispersal and the large amount of existing farmland.

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