Victoria Rosell urges media to stop “notifying” about downward revisions to the Code’s penalties “only if yes”

Victoria Rosell urges media to stop "notifying" about downward revisions to the Code's penalties "only if yes"

Ministry of Equality announced It is not the Government’s job to “correct” comment “errors” to her, this is involved in the implementation of the Sexual Freedom Guarantees Act, better known as the ‘yes is yes only’ Act. In this sense, they called for “calmness” and “peace” and asked them to wait for the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Supreme Court to make a statement.

Government Delegate Against Gender-Based Violence Victoria Rosell denied that the solution is reforming the rape norm, given the downward revision of sentences for rapists in recent weeks. add transition clause “not necessary” because “it’s already been around for decades” and is practiced “all” national territory.

As he stated, this review of lower penalties is due to the misapplication of the new single offense offense.. In fact, according to Rosell, they have yet to see “a case where it’s actually applied correctly” because they’re only looking at the minimum.

“We think that Hasty application has obvious judicial errorsIn his statements to the media, the government delegate insisted, “without lull, without reflection, without a good read and automation of the law”, insisting that they have previously reviewed cases where the sentence was reduced for allegedly “decriminalizing” the charge of the crime in question, which is not the case.

In his view, it is not in the interest of the Government to resolve this “difference” between the proceedings of the courts and the “errors in application” of the rule. “Let’s wait for the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Supreme Court to clarify these,” he said.

Call to avoid making comments.

It was also called in this sense. “Stop reporting” about the reviews lawyers will be requesting in the coming weeks because, as he put it, they are doing it “by”, just as “they wanted an acquittal on time, now their client is convicted”, on the contrary, he believes that this information “may alarm women”. lots “.

As he pointed out, Penal Code reforms “always” have “a period of adjustment that takes several weeks” and in this case he regretted it. this is happening ‘with alarm’ mainly in the ‘communicative and social’ realm. Rosell says she understands the distrust shown by women and the questions the media asks “when sentences and orders differ so much,” but she insists that “this is more common than it seems.”

Regarding the changes in penalties, Rosell said: The only recommendation of the General Assembly for the Judiciary (CGPJ) concerned maximum sentences. and indeed these were brought up before the rule went through the second round of the Cabinet. However, as he himself pointed out, no one referred to the minimums.

Paradigm change, not pain change

Yet they argue from Equality that the result of this norm is: The “paradigm shift” of the Criminal Code As Ángela Rodríguez, Minister of State for Equality explained, “a different approach was needed” with regard to sexual violence crimes. However, the aim of this initiative was not to change the penalties, as he himself stated.

“If the minimum penalties are high, they stay on the sidelines. Nobody gives high penalties,” Rosell said, referring to situations such as sexual “touching”. Therefore, as he himself stated, the Law includes a minor offense “only if yes”, with a one-year prison sentence or a fine, for these behaviors he does not “condemn”. “A greater punishment does not protect more, it does not repair more. The punishments that work are those that are effective, those that are imposed,” Rosell insisted.

We were asked whether this would affect processing. laws on pimping and transgender peopleThe Government delegate, who is being debated in Congress, stated that he “doesn’t even want to think about it” as a lawyer.

In this sense and in relation to its relationship with the PSOE, ‘only yes is yes’ in the Law stated that the Ministry of Justice was involved and that this was government regulation, not United We Can. As he himself stated, we follow this rule from the President to the entire Executive.

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Finally, Rodríguez insisted This law calls for more protection for victims and they may “feel that this tool is not as sorora as they would like” due to the controversy raised. The time to “prove that this is the case” and the courts would come, the Foreign Minister said.

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