Without Human Rights, without fans, without beer…

Without Human Rights, without fans, without beer...

Train and her world They’re still in the eye of the hurricane. Since the Asian country was designated as the location of the biggest football event on the planet in 2010, it became clear that nothing would happen to regular channels. And not just on a purely sporting level where an entire season has been completely transformed, something that has never happened before, but because of everything else that will include the event.

To bring an event of this scale to a country with these characteristics, the list of disadvantages was much longer than the list of advantages. Logic faced simple truth. Human rights More fundamentally, it seemed like a more than enough argument to dismiss Qatar as a venue, but money got in the way and that’s when common sense took a backseat.

have Fifaby hand Joseph Blatter, the president at the time of the appointment admitted that it was a huge mistake and of course it was all about the money. The Asian country’s petrodollars were very attractive to many interested parties, and the effects were able to overcome any obstacle that stood in their way.

[Joseph Blatter se confiesa y dispara a Platini por el Mundial: “La elección de Qatar fue un error”]

Now FIFA has realized that it has completely lost control of its crown jewel of a football World Cup, which represents the most important event in the sports king’s history and one of the greatest to ever witness. planet.

Qatar has decided to take on all the responsibilities and put aside many of the promises made in recent months. Deaf ears to any indication of FIFA. Human Rights continues to be noted for its absence, the collective LGBTI vulnerable, the media comes under attack on his freedom of expression, there are ‘fake fans’ on the streets and war on beer consumption has been declared.

Corruption in dating

appointment Train It comes stained from the first moment. The world was surprised that such an event could go to a country with the characteristics of an emirate, and over time, various bad practices emerged that helped to understand everything a little better.

Joseph Blatter as Qatar was declared World Cup venue

Joseph Blatter as Qatar was declared World Cup venue


He’s been the clearest talker lately. Joseph BlatterThis great responsibility was given to Qatar, the president of FIFA at the time. He admitted failure and pointed to the vested interest behind it all: “The Qatar election was a mistake, I take my responsibility,” he said.

Pointing directly, however, Blatter didn’t stop there. platinumformer president UEFA: “One week before the 2010 FIFA convention, Michael our plan (World Cup United States of America) would not work. He had just been invited by the French president. SarkozyHe also had several meetings with the crown prince of Qatar”.

Blatter admitted the importance of Platini’s vote: “Of course there was money involved. Six months after those talks, Qatar bought fighter jets worth $14.6 billion from the French,” he said. The influences, the private interests of the few, and the power of petrodollars were thus fundamental.

[El estallido contra el Mundial de Qatar a menos de diez días del inicio: cada vez más voces críticas]

6,500 deaths

The Qatar stain has increased from year to year. In a small country with little football tradition, it seemed necessary to launch an ambitious stadium construction plan to host high-level matches. The emirate set his plan in motion, but the work of these pharaohs was always overshadowed.

english newspaper Guardian published an in-depth study that produced gruesome numbers. He explained that about 6,500 workers lost their lives due to the failure to take the security measures taken in the construction of these stadiums and the lack of protection of the workers. A huge human cost that the country has always tried to hide.

More difficult to cover up, however, is its scarcity. Human rights existing in Asian country. Women are hardly counted in society as homosexuality is severely punished, and groups like LGTBI are absolutely unprotected. Various voices from Qatar in recent months have tried to show an openness that has never been believed from the outside.

Lusail Stadium for Qatar 2022 World Cup

Lusail Stadium for Qatar 2022 World Cup


In fact, a World Cup ambassador recently announced that homosexuality is banned in Qatar “because it hurts the mind.” Shows of affection regardless of sexual orientation are also prohibited and there are multiple frontal attacks on Human Rights. FIFA tried to alleviate the situation as much as possible, but lost the war in that respect too.

fans and streamers bought

The media in Qatar is also closely watched to ensure that it does not go beyond certain borders. Just a few days ago, actually, something unpleasant happened between us. TV2, a Danish television. A reporter was connecting live when she was attacked by World Cup security guards and called to stop doing her job.

These guards threatened to destroy this television’s camera, even though the journalist spoke to them in English to show their accreditation and let them see that everything was fine. Then the World Cup ended by sending an apology to television for the events that had occurred.

The world has landed in Qatar in the last hours and many eyes are on Asian countries. from Organizing Committee and the emirate itself is determined to renew the country in a big way and to fight desperately at all costs to show the supposed goodness of their nation.

Due to the lack of fans who experience football as intensely as in other countries, videos promoted from official accounts and ridiculed by users began to circulate on social networks. In them you can see the native citizens of Qatar with shirts and flags of different countries. Argentina Brazil anyone Spainposing like displaced fans from every country.

Additionally, the Organizing Committee hired different publishers and creators to help them launder the country. Up to 50 broadcasters from each participating country were subsidized to follow the World Cup from the pitch and deliver content dictated by Qatar.

beer war

Another recent episode involving the World Cup is about beer. Alcohol consumption in Qatar is highly controlled and its leaders dislike the fact that it can be drunk in large quantities in a major event like this.

However, FIFA had already insisted on allowing beer consumption in tents set up for this purpose around stadiums. The commitment of the international organization, Budweiserone of his major sponsors is important and there is a lot of money at stake, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the Qatari Royal Family.

[Qatar declara la guerra a la cerveza antes del Mundial: así ha sido su último cambio de planes]

Recently, and without notice, they have decided to wage war on beer consumption and destroy everything that had been decided in previous months. FIFA is trying to fight for it, but the Royal Family doesn’t seem to care much about the interests of this federation.

There are more factors that overshadow a World Cup that has been scrutinized from the first minute. In the face of the power of the Qatari state, it is an event that is completely out of control for FIFA, with thousands of deaths at the door and no freedoms where corruption is a hotbed.

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