Ann Hodges was hit by a meteorite, but she lived to tell the tale

Ann Hodges was hit by a meteorite, but she lived to tell the tale

This is the story of Ann Hodges and how she survived a meteorite impact.

This woman is the only person to have received a meteorite impact and, believe it or not, she survived.

Did you know that the probability of being hit by a small rock from Space is real while walking down the street? Yes, while the possibilities are remote, the truth is, it could be possible. Something similar can happen with custom litter. It’s worth remembering how it was just a few days ago the remains of a launched rocket fell In China a few weeks ago. It’s true that we don’t always have to look up to see if we need to escape, but It’s not something that should be completely ruled out..

Let’s put ourselves in the worst case scenario. Finally, what could it be? we experienced the effect? We would probably die on the spot. Even so, there may still be hope. Or if not, have Ann Hodges tell her about it, who is the only person who has been confirmed to have taken such a hit and survived. A rock about 30 centimeters in diameter struck him from the side, creating a significant bruise. Despite this, he was able to tell his story after the incredible event he experienced.

So, in order for it to survive, what happened in that event, why did a rock with these properties hit our body or, of course, To what extent are we dealing with a unique and unrepeatable event?. This is Ann Hodges’ story, and it’s certainly not an example of the general rule.

Ann Hodges and her ability to absorb the impact of a 30-centimeter meteorite

Can you imagine the speed at which this incredible 30-centimeter stone is moving towards Earth? Ann Hodges, 31, was taking a nap. On November 30, 1954, one month before winter, I was sleeping with a blanket over me. Suddenly, a loud voice woke him up and then began to notice a sharp pain in his side. Yes, it was a meteorite that fell from the sky into his room.

This woman is the only person to have received a meteorite impact and, believe it or not, she survived.

Ann Hodges is the only person confirmed to have survived a meteorite impact. Picture: smithsonian

As you can imagine, its speed and strength were so high that it shattered the ceiling on its fall to reach the earth. The incident took place in the town of Sylacauga, a town located in Alabama in the southern United States. Interestingly, after the incident, some residents even claimed to have seen it. how did a fire bag with a smoke trail approach High speed towards them, seeing how the effect is produced in the house where Ann Hodges is.

Now, what happened after the fall? meteorite? Due to the existence of the Cold War, United States Air Force officials claimed responsibility for the investigation.. The possibility of an attack by the Soviet Union soon disappeared. Even so, a new dilemma has opened up. Who did this precious treasure belong to? Ann Hodges fought a fierce battle to get her. The problem is that the rock in question fell on Birdie Guy’s property, as Ann Hodges and her husband did not own the house.

Miss Guy won the case, but the real couple in this story He took ownership by paying $500. After several years without an offer, the couple decided to donate the piece to the Alabama Museum of Natural History, where it is still on display. Who could say that the meteorite that hit a person and did not kill him instantly would end in this tragic end? At least a quick glance at the story, it’s all anecdotal and there’s no doubt a movie could come out of it.

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