Feijóo asks Sánchez to “take responsibility” for “legal error” of “yes is yes” law

President of CHP Alberto Núñez Feijoothis Saturday, he asked Head of Government Pedro Sánchez to “take responsibility” for “legal error”, which is US law. just yes yesdescribed as “the greatest” step back in this country On feminist issues”, compiles Europa Press. just yes yes One of the best examples of how Pedro Sánchez rules from frivolity and arrogance, banner contour and slogans“.

In this sense, Feijóo said, “The Criminal Code is not like that, Unless otherwise“The Criminal Code is the most serious thing a legislator can do, as it regulates people’s rights and freedoms,” he stressed. closing of the political conference from the Balearic Islands

That’s why he asked the Prime Minister.”take responsibility and stop the harmful effects from what the law allows just yes yes Promoted by inexperienced hands.”

Thus, despite demanding the resignation of the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, Feijóo considered it “inexcusable” that socialist ministers and spokesmen “wanted to get away from the problem now, claiming that this was done by a minister who is not from his party”. “It’s a nasty joke, plus a clear example of pride “It is even more difficult for a country to become law with the legislature when they are the Ministers of Justice, Home Affairs and Defense, that is, the three Socialist judges, and they should stop the law,” he said.

“The worst part of the government’s arrogance is that once they start seeing the result of the ‘yes is yes only’ law, they don’t just fix it, they start insulting everybody. who warned himIt’s like the PP and only to the judges who enforce the laws that the Government approves,” he added.

Therefore, it was considered “to accuse the judges of appearing toga and macho, and President Sánchez to brag about the law”. just yes yes for example feminist legislatureIt’s not fit for Western democracy.” “Sánchez must stop insulting judges and correct them, as long as it’s in effect, to lessen the harm this law can do to women in this country. Spain needs a less frivolous government and arrogant and better penal code,” she complained, “The government that promised the most in terms of feminism in Spanish history was the government that took the biggest step back in this regard.”

Regrets that the government “focused on resisting” rather than “stopping inflation and lowering taxes”

The head of the PP also regretted that the “Government” had “focused on resisting” rather than “opposing”. Fighting inflation and lowering taxesAs any serious government would do with some sensitivity.” Likewise, he pointed out that “Spain needs more. never send a message of hopeso that we can grow again and become one of the largest countries in the EU.”

“Spain needs to talk about progress, economic growth, investments in the future, confidence and stability, despite the fact that when the PP returns to power, it will definitely come to power. problems and we will find a few toolsWe will fight inflation, as any government that is a little sensitive will do, we will reduce taxes on middle and low income earners and we will be able to pay off debts in order to attract investment,” he said.

María Jesús Montero is now part of the 'only yes is yes' law.

María Jesús Montero now argues that the “only yes is yes” law is the “conquest of feminism”

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