“For me, I am the best player in the world”

"For me, I am the best player in the world"

Serbian Novak Djokovicnew champion of the Masters Cup for the sixth time in his career After defeating Norwegian Casper Ruud in Turin (7-5 and 6-3), Reassured despite being Spanish this year carlos alcaraz he is number one, “always” “best player in the world” in his mind.

Belgrade, after a tough year with the Kovid-19 vaccination debates He put the finishing touches to the season by imposing his tennis.undefeated in the tournament that brought together the eight best rackets in the circuit.

“Are you the best player in the world?” at a press conference. they ask. “I’m not, I’m fifth” he repliedAccompanied by the trophy accrediting him as a Master and a word-of-mouth smile. But he qualified his answer.

“This week probably so. Overall the standings show who had the best year and Alcaraz is the world’s number one. There’s not much to say about it. But In my mind I always see myself as the best player in the world. i have that mentality And that kind of approach is always the same, no matter who’s on the other end of the net, no matter what surface, no matter what season or professional season of my career, I mean, it’s always the same. My ambitions are as high as possible,” he said.

“This kind of approach is what got me to where I am sitting here today at 35.has one of the biggest trophies in the sport. I haven’t thought about quitting for a while. I feel motivated. I feel good in my own body. I’m looking out for myself. Of course I have a team of great people. As long as I have that atmosphere in me…” he added.

One of the motivations for this tournament was the company of his whole family.including their children.

Thank you to my wife and children for coming.. I don’t usually have these moments on the track with them, so I try to enjoy them as much as I can. I hope as they grow up, they become more aware of the very special moments we have together.”

About its continuity on the slopes, He doesn’t see withdrawal imminent and has announced that he will always be linked to tennis.Anyway: “It’s important to me to have good feelings and positive feelings on the track. Winning big trophies is one thing, everything is beautiful, but it’s a fairy tale.”

you have to go through difficultiesmany difficulties, many hard days and day-to-day difficulties to push yourself, motivate yourself, work to get to this level and finally get a chance to win“, commented.

“It’s an integral part of my life, an integral part of who I am. It fills my heart whether on the court or watching someone else’s game. I play with my son, with the pros… I am a true tennis fan. This is the most important thing to me. So no matter what form or role I play, I will always continue in tennis.”

Djokovic has also made it clear that he maintains his championship ambitions.

“I don’t know what the future will hold for me, but I know what I have in mind is a great desire to win trophies.To make history in this sport, to compete at the highest level worldwide, to instill good feelings in the sport and tennis fans. That’s what motivates me a lot,” he said.

“See you in Australia,” he finished.the smile of a player standing as Master of Masters with six wounds alongside Swiss Roger Federer, with his radiant smile that also accompanied him throughout the press conference.

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