Legal weed is growing vigorously in Cádiz

Legal weed is growing vigorously in Cádiz

“Is there a change in perception in society. It’s clear. It’s clear that more and more people are seeing these derivatives as natural remedies, not as a psychoactive substance, a high-pressure narcotic. Treatments for cancer patients have done a lot in the last 20 years, but new developments have nothing to do with this use.

The person trying to explain the new general situation regarding the consumption of cannabis derivatives is Raúl, the manager of a chain of hexahydrocannabinol (HHC)-based product stores. the look of it new synthetic derivative revolutionized the consumption of hemp products. Although it has become widespread since 2021, it has revolutionized the market as a new product, although it was discovered at the end of the 20th century. According to the website of one of the stores that distribute it in Cádiz, this variant is a new synthesis of common molecules of cannabis sativa. The novelty is that it contains hydrogenated carbons in its structure.

This small change reduce or eliminate their psychoactive effects however, it will maintain all its therapeutic effects in the treatment of different diseases, skin and hair care, different organs and central nervous system. This evolution will retain all its medicinal effects, but – depending on the preparation, product and formula – completely or partially abolish the drug or narcotic functions.

Elena, one of the shop assistants in Cádiz, cites scientific documents confirming the anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, analgesic, and sleep-inducing effects of products made with HHC, even though they contain a very small or even non-existent percentage of traditional hashish or cannabis. cannabis (THC). “They showed In addition to its antidepressant and anticonvulsant capacity, it is a powerful pain reliever.. We all know that it has been officially, legally prescribed in cancer treatments almost all over the world for years.

In the heat of this evolution, stores specializing in products containing HHC and previous synthetic derivatives (but not the common cannabis or the illegal THC considered the basis of cannabis) proliferated all over Europe, all over Spain.

New shops and 24-hour machines

Cádiz did not stay out of this new trend and saw how they opened five new outlets in the capital city of Cádiz between October and November. Four of them are physical stores: in the streets of Barrié, Periodista Emilio López, Cobos and where the street meets Glorieta Ana Orantes. One of these four premiere locations,, controls a fifth point of sale opposite the Puerta del Mar university hospital. In this example it has the following format: vending: machines available 24 hours a day but with the same products.

The range of products with HHC is incredibly wide. Both in stores open in Cádiz and via web pages or digital channels such as WhatsApp, dozens of formats that can be divided into three areas. The first is food: from chewing gum, biscuits, energy drinks, infusions or cookies to chocolate bars.

The second part is creams and oils for different dermatological ailments, for the treatment of joint and muscle ailments or for aesthetic care. These variants make up one-third of the total catalogue. In any case, they are advertised for use in massages directly on the skin.

The third and final section is of different sizes and types. resin, buds and seeds. They are products intended to be mixed with tobacco for smoking with always a low or zero warning depending on the type, percentage of THC (marijuana or conventional cannabis).

To orient the potential buyer, one gram of “aromatic flower buds” costs eight euros. A thousand milliliters of menthol and HHC gel, indicated for joint or muscle pain, costs 59 euros. A box of chewing gum for four euros, a box of jelly beans for five, and a hundred grams of brownie caramel and HHC for 5.50 euros.

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