Other Legal Technology, ambitious

Other Legal Technology, ambitious

The use of technology to support the provision and commercialization of legal services is now commonly described in the Anglo-Saxon term. Legal TechnologyArousing great interest in the legal profession due to the multifaceted and different expectations it creates in the legal sector. In a way, the current interest Legal Technology remember what evoked an article published in the 90s of the last century. Economist & LawyerFor the first time in Spain application of marketing to the legal sector.

Today, legal marketing is a reality widely used by the legal profession. However, it took several years before experts in this marketing field could effectively adapt their language and functions to the legal industry. now he Legal Technology It is in a similar situation to legal marketing in the 1990s. The vast majority of the Spanish legal profession, working in firms of less than 5 lawyers and representing roughly 80% of all law firms, Doesn’t fully understand what Legal Tech is contributing to.

For the sake of clarity, even sinning unorthodox, Legal Technology It seeks to encompass two quite different fields in the activity of the legal profession. One we will seek administrative-commercial and another that we know as technical-legal. The former aims to assist lawyers with administrative tasks such as invoicing, enforcement of expenses, general ledger and business functions such as attracting and maintaining clients, implementing different communication protocols and algorithms. Second, the technical-legal one has a much more complex and ambitious purpose. It is a dazzling target as he watches the legal profession with great respect.

“A specific example applicable to the practice of law is the creation of Real Cases” (Mockup: Laura Marín / Economist & Jurist Group)

To dream that you are is respectful. Legal Technologycan run a lawyer’s background work, through different computer procedures. Its main function is not ancillary duties, but the ability of the lawyer to apply the law to defend his client’s interests through the implementation of a strategy designed to protect those interests in certain situations. Thinking about it makes my head spin. It’s as if a judge is being told that a computer will decide the content of sentences.

It is true that today’s tools exist. blockchainfunctioning in a way as if they were conditions of suspension or dissolution. In other words, they ensure that if, for example, a certain and uncertain event occurs in the future, certain effects that have been identified and determined before will be produced. What allows to control the regulation and execution of the effects of legal acts designed from the autonomy of the will of the parties in a given legal system.

There is no doubt that these techniques and many others will increasingly facilitate the work of different legal operators, even in their most basic, decisive and valuable work. But it is also true that for the time being, technology cannot completely replace human expertise in the practice of law or the function of the judiciary. In every situation, technology keeps advancing unceasingly. A specific example that can be applied to legal practice is Generating Real Cases. This revolutionary tool collects the work of lawyers in thousands of real cases, as well as existing cases. It manages this information meticulously by complying with the confidentiality obligations and presents it to the user by following a homogeneous structure that reproduces the practice of the lawyer: (1) The case or premise assumption is determined; (2) taking into account this background, the purpose pursued by the attorney’s client in this case is stated; (3) the necessary strategy determined by the lawyer is determined for the client to achieve this goal; (4) the specified strategy is executed; (5) The result of the implementation of the strategy is proved and stated. With this design, lawyer has access to the experience of thousands of lawyers, in thousands of real situations. Thus, the user can identify successes to implement them and also identify mistakes to avoid them in their professional practice. This tool allows the attorney to see what other colleagues are doing in a case like his. This is not just a file or database containing legal information, it is something much more important and valuable. smart manager knowledge real legal. In short, another Legal Technician, ambitious, focused on helping the lawyer defend the legitimate interests of people in certain situations where his main job is to.

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