Robe case covers more than 16,000 throats

Robe case covers more than 16,000 throats

it’s been a while bathrobe iniesta with he passed to the group of virtuoso artists an invisible medal that says teacher. León Felipe used to say, “Only the virtuous can one day see the face of God.” there is a bathrobe selfies with.

And he’s not a teacher because he’s the best guitarist or the best singer, but because he has the ability to impress the 16,000 people present at the last concert of the tour at the Wizink Center in Madrid this Saturday. now when, chorus. Maybe it’s because Robe’s songs aren’t out of his head, but because his heart is almost there.

Robe and his band began their piano concerto like this: lost timethen Robe gave advice for the concert, very applicable to life: Stay tuned and don’t miss anything, enjoy the moment because it is you, here and now”.

block Welcome to Temporal started with Above the good and the bad and already on these first sticks an impeccable sound was predicted. who wrote these letters Heard Robe complaining about the noise on Leganés Deckasks the stage to open the moving roof and the old pavilion of Real Madrid’s Ciudad Deportiva, because it was made of metal and resonated. Finally Wizink, a neat space built and designed for music.

Even though you left, that shape came Steal from the low, the intimate and the high and the epic ending.

“There is nothing like first love… Like… Like… There is nothing. nothing like the first time you hear a song”the singer philosophized from the stage before singing

i am looking for a month WasteHe disrupted Robe’s successive songs and Sugar from Extremoduro It was widely celebrated by the people.

Robe read a passage from: journey timeBen Clark’s poem, to rip right after suicide tango and go straight innate lawwhere the concert begins to be strong, lively, if not yet, Robe is already like a puppeteer with the movement of the people. An audience that stands out with age differencefrom the ranks of the always-on to their thirties and some teens who don’t have a Bad Bunny on their Spotify.

Robe likes the rules to be fair. so there was a special taunt for Isabel Díaz Ayuso., just before the mayor and president of the Community of Madrid, Martínez Almeida rests. “It’ll be a short break because there’s a goddamn freedom in this city… You know the regulations… The city’s goddamn rules are about freedom, they don’t let us finish late.”

The return of the concert brought the folk songs with it. giving birth and with song Backstage almost dropped Wizink. Then it glided on the disc like the others… First move: after catharsis.

“And from time to time I find a song / That pushes, lifts, carries and carries me…” that song says. Robe’s songs are like that. Small fishing boats with faded sails, Sometimes it is printed with flowers, where a beautiful wind takes you for a few minutes and takes you into the roaring melancholic world.

With philosophy shit there was a crazy apotheosis that ended with the guitarist using an electric drill to play his guitar and others, Including the robe, going crazy on the keyboard, dancingwhile the guitar draws a frenzied, almost electronic rhythm.

Inside a moment of light There was an opera. Singer and showgirl Lorenzo González sang Nessum Dorma as an extra melody for the song.

The night passed quickly between the songs and the so-called end came. of course, because A concert is nothing without bislers and these were for Extremoduro songs. First, Jesus Christ Garcia. It’s over, no, wait, it’s started. Countdown has given way winter sun and shortly after Robe was upset, three hours into the concert after he had to say goodbye.

This tour ends here, friends, I hope this beautiful tour will not take too long, see you again. “Robe reminds its listeners to be mindful of life and not miss anything.”

There was still some more, for example, Leave and of course… for Expanding love, love, love and spiritIt is the culmination of not just one concert, but a tour of 61 recitals and almost two years.

Robe said he hoped we’d see him again soon. If only.

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