Ten-minute frenzy led by Bundu brings victory to Andorra – LaLiga SmartBank


Two goals from Bundu and two from Bakis put an end to Lugo’s resistance, who was drowned in ten minutes of frenzy by an Andorra who would finish the second half victory with another goal from Bakis.

Eder Sarabia’s triple change in the 66th minute brought action to the match. The introduction of the Bundu was very important. The Sierra Leonean man scored two goals, managed to score a third and scored another goal before he was injured.

The match scenario was already created. FC Andorra had the ball like every game and CD Lugo defended himself and tried to create danger with counter attacks. Most obviously, Hernán Pérez is very difficult to get a hand on in the last games. Defensively they are a solid team.

Nico Ratti made the score 0-1 in the 9th minute. FC Andorra’s Italian-Argentine goalkeeper parried Chris Ramos’ shot with a good hand near the small area after a good serve by Sebas Moyano from the left.

The greatest danger to Eder Sarabia’s men was the raids on the left flank of the Greek Alpanis. The Greek has repeatedly faced former FC Andorra, Miguel Loureiro. Of course, things were not clear. In the 14th minute, Bakis called for a penalty, which the VAR did not decide to consider a violation due to Jesús Fernández’s grab.

Andorra opportunities were timid, as was a shot from Adrià Altimira’s off-field, which goalkeeper Whalley saved in two stages. Then also with a very focused headshot in the hands of Whalley from Martí Vilà.

In the 28th minute, CD Lugo managed to find the score. A pretty high header from Sebas Moyano saved him on the same goal line as Bakis. The ball then bounced off the crossbar.

The natives dominated the ball, but the most open positions came from Lugo. The first half, when Gerard Piqué and his sons Sasha and Milan were inside the penalty area, ended in a draw at 0. Cold feelings at Andorra la Vella National Stadium.

In the second half, FC Andorra’s supremacy was rewarded with luck. In the 55th minute, Bakis narrowly missed Dani Morer from the right. Two minutes later, the Catalan fullback on loan from Famalicao tried his luck with a shot from the side of the field that Whalley had cleared.

In the 66th minute, Eder Sarabia restarted the game with triple substitutions by substituting Bundu, Jacobo González and Iván Gil, while Dani Morer left Sergio Molina and Almpanis on the bench. Three minutes later, two new players on the court, Jacobo and Bundu, took the lead on the first goal. In a counterattack, Jacobo assisted Bundu and defeated Sierra Leone man Whalley one-on-one.

The situation was 2-0 in the 74th minute and it was Bundu again. He teamed up with winger Héctor Hevel in the field, defeating Whalley uneventfully. FC Andorra’s offensive cry continued and Bakis defeated Whalley on the turn after receiving an assist from Bundu in the 77th minute. Bundu managed to complete his hat-trick, but missed one-on-one in front of Whalley, who saved with his foot. Later on loan from Anderlecht, the player withdrew due to injury.

Five minutes later, Bakis brought the score to 4-0 with a spectacular shot that shook the entire squad from off the field.

Towards the end of the match, Chris Ramos faced Nico Ratti again in the 9th minute of the first half. Led by Eder Sarabia, they return to eighth place and CD Lugo continues to decline.


4 – FC Andorra: Nico Ratti; Dani Morer (Bundu, art. 66) (Carlos Martínez, art. 81), Mika Mármol, Adrià Vilanova, Martí Vilà; Marc Aguado, Sergio Molina (Iván Gil, m. 66), Héctor Hevel (Rubén Bover, m. 76); Adrià Altimira, Alpanis (Jacobo González, m. 66) and Bakis.

0 – CD Lugo:Whalley; Miguel Loureiro, Jesús Fernández, Xavi Torres, Zé Ricardo; Marc Carbó (Pablo Clavería, art. 81), Josep Señé (Manu Barreiro, art. 81), Sebas Moyano (Ángel Baena, art. 61), Jaume Cuéllar (‘Juanpe’, art. 61); El Hacen (Álex Ramos, m. 69) and Chris Ramos.

targets: 1-0: M.69 Package; 2-0: M.74 Bundu; 3-0: M.77 Look and 4-0: M.85 Look.

Judge: Oliver De la Fuente Ramos (Castilla y León committee). There was no condemnation.

events: The match, which coincided with the 16th day of the SmartBank League, was played in front of 2.020 spectators at the Andorra la Vella National Stadium.

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