The 15 most legendary mascots of the World Cup: Naranjito, La’eeb, Tip and Tap…

The 15 most legendary mascots of the World Cup: Naranjito, La'eeb, Tip and Tap...

ANDIt starts this Sunday Qatar World Cup 2022An event that will keep millions of people in front of the television for about a month. This edition has been involved in many controversies because of the date it was celebrated or the culture or rights that existed in that country, but it still continued forward.

No matter how this championship ends, besides the goals and the players, there are also the details of the World Cups that remain in the retina of the fans. balls and pets.

In the case of Trainthe chosen mascot la’eebmeans talented player. It has its own story, it comes from a parallel world called. pet verseWhere the other official mascots of the World Cup live.

Willie, England World Cup 1966, was the first mascot

Although they celebrate World Cups since 1930, first pet not arrived so far 1966It was that year when he published a logo representing the characteristics of the host country. To themWillie the Lion took part in the 1966 England World Cup. The one wearing the English shirt. From there it was the mascot of all World Cups.

Juanito, Mexico 1970 and Tip y Tap, Germany 1974

inside Mexico was 1970 Juanito, when a human first became a mascot, it was a boy in an Aztec suit shirt and a hat typical of the country that read ‘Mexico 1970’. Inside Germany 1974, the heroes were Tip and Tap, The two brothers, wearing white jerseys, wore the letters WM (Weltmeisterschaft: World Cup in German) on Tip, while Tap wore the number 74, which refers to the year and symbolizes the unity of the two Germanys.

Gauchito, Argentina 1978; Naranjito, Spain 1982 and Pique, Mexico 1986

Inside Argentina was 1978 GauchitoA boy in a Gaucho hat, handkerchief and whip, from La Pampa. Inside Naranjito, our 1982 mascot, will come was a fruit hero for the first time. It was very controversial at the time because they said that his color did not represent Spain but he eventually triumphed and even got his own television series. Inside 1986 was PiqueA jalapeño with a human body presented itself in a Mexican shirt, mustache, and a hat typical of the country.

Ciao, Italy 1990 and Striker, United States 1994

Inside Italy 1990, mascot was Ciao, as an unofficial greeting from Italy, was a body made of cubic figures with the colors of the country’s flag, without a face and with a soccer ball on the head. Inside 1994, the United States named Striker dog, Warner Bros. It was designed by, criticized for not being original, but was chosen by the people in the country.

Footix, France 1998, Spheriks, Korea and Japan 2002 and Goleo VI and Pille, Germany 2006

Footix was the mascot of France in 1998., a rooster in the colors of the country, and its name refers to the Gallic character of Astrix. Inside 2002 the first World Cup organized by two countries was held, Korea and Japan chose Spheriks (Ato, Kaz and Nik) had a futuristic look and pretended their imaginary planets were playing atomball, a game very similar to the football played in Atmoball. Inside 2006, Germany preferred Goleo VI and Pille, the first was a lion and the second was his ball. He appeared on television shows and recorded his own album.

Zakumi, South Africa 2010, Fuleco, Brazil 2014 and Zabivaka, Russia 2018

Inside South Africa 2010 Her hero was also an animal, zakumiA green-haired leopard was wearing a white T-shirt that read South Africa 2010. Its name is made up of ‘za’ meaning South Africa and ‘kumi’ meaning ’10’ in various African languages.

Inside 2014 was Brazil’s mascot Fuleco, an armadillo, whose name combines the words football and ecology, and throughout the animal’s body were the colors of the country’s flag. And the ancestor of La’eeb zabivakarepresentative Russia 2018, He was an anthropomorphic wolf who wore the colors of Russia and glasses to play football, his name meant ‘little scorer’.

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