They participated in the Paraná Costume Party for nine years.

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They participated in the Paraná Costume Party for nine years.

They participated in the Paraná Costume Party for nine years.

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They will no doubt be at the Costume Party tonight and have chosen UNO to deliver a message to other older adults; “There is no age to have a festival, anyone can go.”

Zulema Smit was born in María Grande but lives in Paraná and says she learned from a friend that older people can go to festivities in La Rural.

“I went for the first time the next year and I can say I’ve been going to the Fiesta for nine years,” Smit said happily. , “Like Mirtha Legrand”.

She did so with her friend Dora Ester Bravo in these nine years of participation.

However, this edition will be different, as other colleagues will both attend and experience the Party for the first time in a group.

Smit said in an encouraging tone and happy with his experience: “I’m only 84 years old. I love life and I love music.”

He also analyzed the organization of this edition, which means the second in 2022: “Although the situation in the country does not evoke a sense of celebration, it is good that this Festival is held twice a year. I congratulate the organizers and thank them for mobilizing a great effort.”

Claudia Baccia is going to the Festival for the first time and this will be very important as a new experience to be lived and experienced.

Although he was born and raised in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA), he has lived in Paraná for 25 years.

“I am going for the first time and I am 81 years old. “I love to dance and I plan to do it at the Fiesta,” he said. He stated that the suit he chose for this event was trousers, a jacket, a hat with pearls and of course make-up.

He added that since he will be at this mega party for the first time, his relatives gave him some advice and added the following: “According to the stories of my grandchildren who went to the party, they told me to take care of myself.”

from La Pampas

FFD brings together people from all over the country, which sometimes means traveling miles to get there.

Dora Ester Bravo has moved from Winifreda, a town in the Pampa, to Paraná with no hesitation in every edition over the past nine years.

“I had the chance to meet Zulema at Grandpa in 2009 and she told me about the Costume Party at the time. Then I decided to join this venture,” Bravo said.

Bravo said that with the Albiceleste turban and the most striking accessory of his team, the colorful caddy, Bravo prepared his clothes.

“I love your costume and do everything. I use recycled materials at every opportunity and I make it with my own hands.” He predicted that the costume he will use tomorrow will be very fun and will be closely related to the World Cup.

“I am passionate about football and on my cape I will put 32 flags of 32 countries that I made myself. This is a golden cloak and of course I will accompany it in combination with other clothes,” said the pampas.


Challenges for retirees

It poses a challenge for a significant number of participants, both in terms of transportation, clothing, meals and accommodation at other times. However, it is an even greater complication in the elderly.

In this sense, due to the great effort for Bravo to attend the festival, he made a proposal for the organizers to consider in subsequent editions.

“Next year, I would like the organization to stipulate a reward, even for the ticket, because it’s very difficult for us adults who have minimal retirement and make a lot of sacrifices like going through traffic lights while at a red light. performances of bands and items”.

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