Vacation with pets: tips for a safe trip

Vacation with pets: tips for a safe trip

They are part of the family. all year. This is why many people decide to take them to share these rest days. However, everything is not so easy, you must take precautions so that everything goes well and everyone is comfortable. vacation with Pets: Tips for a safe journey.

Summer vacation comes and trips to different parts of the country multiply. Y pets are often among travelers. But for this to happen in the best possible way and for both pets and other family members to enjoy, It is essential to make sure that the accommodations to visit are suitable. pet friendly (they allow pets)also know the regulations that must be followed when transporting dogs and cats in the car.

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This last precaution is necessary for the care and prevention of accidents, both for pets and for each passenger in the vehicle and other passengers on the route. Faced with this, a study conducted by the Road Safety Observatory found that There is a lack of information not only about current regulations, but also about the danger of pets not properly traveling in a vehicle.

During the journey, you have to stop every two hours.  And the target must be
During the journey, you have to stop every two hours. And the goal should be “friendly” to pets.

Actually, 34% of people the agency consulted said they “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree” with pets straying in the car. and 35% have less respect for road rules when driving on routes or highways.

Vacation with pets: recommendations from veterinarians

  • Some pets are not familiar with driving, so Veterinarians always recommend doing small travel tests the day before. Small trips of 5 or 10 minutes, during which the pet gets an idea of ​​what the trip will mean. It is very important for the dog to lose his fear of movement, associate it with good things, understand.
  • Cars or trucks are not designed to transport pets, especially dogs, but it is important to know how to do everything right so that everything is in order and the little animal feels comfortable. In the case of the cat, everything is resolved as it will travel in its own carrier. As far as the dog is concerned, it’s much better if he’s used to using his own cage, otherwise it’s fine to take him in a harness and sit in the car all the time.
  • Before the trip, it is recommended to take a walk to drain the dog’s energy. Likewise, when they come, your pet will get rid of the energy left from the trip and get to know the new environment without any problems.
  • Take a rest every two hours to relax and hydrate yourself.
  • Avoid feeding 3 hours before traveling. many rot and are often prone to vomiting. Depending on their age, nutritional needs, or length of travel, the vet may schedule a break to eat.
  • Monitor the vehicle’s temperature. Always provide adequate ventilation.
  • If the pet has a blanket or doll with which they feel safe, it is important that they can take it with them during the trip. This gives them security and gives them a lot of confidence.
  • Visit the vet before traveling and make sure you are up to date on your vaccinations.

Vacation with a pet: possible sanctions

On the other hand, non-compliance with the precautions regarding the proper care of animals in the vehicle and against the norms, is considered a serious offense and a violation and/or fine is imposed.

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Traveling with a pet is a unique experience, but it also requires preparation to enjoy it safely. Therefore, it is extremely important to know the current regulations and also to make sure that you are visiting places that are friendly for both the animals and the whole family.

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