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A sensitive hippie once said that time flies while other plans are being made, unfortunately the poor pacifist left this hectic world so young that he gradually failed to grasp the reason for his tragic sentence; The thing is, thinking about the passage of time, in addition to being used to knowing time, almost always seems to lack practical utility, especially under a difficult vital rhythm where there is no time to get things done without a plan. Unless, of course, you declare yourself a sensitive hippie and have more time to think about what you’re feeling or make future projections to feel what you’re thinking, because in a way, planning is too optimistic foreshadowing. the inevitable and short-lived transition inherent in existence; What happens whether it is planned or not.

Fortunately for anyone who doesn’t declare themselves to be sensitive hippies, time is already fragmented and digestible to them, or too small. ticks or as logs covered with thick leather; perhaps as gradual school cycles or as a fingerprint checker of a study program; maybe like five minutes of smoking or how long it takes to change a traffic light to remember to breathe; like April or like November; like freshwater springs or like the sixties and more; Almost always the measure has a name, and if it does not, it may be called a moment, a moment, or even more insolently a duration; While these terms may seem like they lack objectivity, almost anyone can boast of knowing roughly how long they have lasted, at least here and, of course, in these times.

Needless to say, only the living measure time, of course, because the dead will have better things to do or better things to stop doing anyway, such as being sensible hippies, being objective or fair; go to eternal rest, move on to a better life or all those euphemisms invented by those who keep measuring their time until they stop measuring time, everything is just waiting for transcendence to not worry so much, which is another euphemism. to hide the shot. November is the month of the dead, but only at the beginning, because after that it’s almost like Christmas, the birth, but from the Judeo-Christian point of view, and because there are times when death must be forgotten, unless there is a reason. Of course, you need to remember yourself in order to continue living.

Another sensitive hippie, who admired the hippie of the beginning, said that his death made him think of helplessness and that he remembered with sadness at every opportunity, but that he constantly imitated the life of the first, whom he saw as an inspiration and as an inspiration to himself. guide. And time seems to save it from abandonment, but it also takes it there; How sad are the eyes that see other eyes that are closed forever, how happy are the childlike eyes that see everything for the first time; We have childlike eyes set in bodies with less and less time, which at best will become very old, the times necessary to continue to live or die depending on the desired tragedy, simulating the desperation of brevity that continues to be born. .

Therefore, one of the most difficult decisions is what to do with the time of life, and the longer it takes to find a good reason, the less time remains, so it is necessary to resort to frequent searches. It’s worth living on more or less excuses. Living is worth doing what they say, sometimes starting a family is enough, sometimes a little work, a stroller and a small house are enough, better if you can. All of the above and it’s not that small, but it’s not a guarantee of anything, because living in the end may justify continuing to do it by continuing to make plans for tomorrow, next week, or the future, whether you think it or not, whether you feel it or not. what will or will not come for the next birthday because they will be finished in one of those for more gliders ticks and then it would be unnecessary to go back to see the time.

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