WhatsApp can be used on two mobile devices at the same time

WhatsApp can be used on two mobile devices at the same time

What’s up? throw ‘friend mode’your new functionality and almost one of the most requested 2 billion users of the app instant messaging. It’s about being able to use the same account on two devices at the same time. This new advantage is added to the advantage announced today. WhatsApp also lets you do group polls..

although it is not something new. features. So far, this has only been possible using web version or for desktop computers As the WhatsApp specializing website ‘WABetaInfo’ predicts, it’s only a matter of time before the app will change, almost very soon. One of the speakers of breaking application news is not less.

WhatsApp ‘Companion’: what is it and when will it be released?

is their official name. popular as ‘Companion Mode’ which allows you to use the same phone number associated with invoice on two different devices. Although it has not yet migrated to iOS, its users Android who’s? smart phone If you have a version from Android update (inclusive), you can activate it now.

At least, in your beta function, testing phase and this will then lead to the final version. ‘WABetaInfo’ says the unsafe version is expected to last at least a month, as it’s a function with big security implications. In this way, this is expected to become a reality for everyone by the new year. users

How to enable companion mode in WhatsApp?

At the moment it is not known exactly how the process will go, but we have an idea. basis. To start the companion mode you will need to go to the menu ‘settings‘ from WhatsApp telephone Find out who owns the account and look for ‘Connect a device’. Previously, when the option to enter a phone number to sign in appears, the option ‘Pair device’ will also appear.

Thus, it will enable camera to scan the QR code that will appear on the device where that account is active, that you also want to activate that account What’s up?. In total this can be done as much as: four terminals. And also, he will sync chat history on all connected devices. Thus, each device will act independently.

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Doesn’t this open the door cheat? You may wonder. No. The flag of WhatsApp looks like this: security. Actually, from Meta, encryption will continue to be end-to-end in both messages and communications. calls personal, to be, as ever, completely certainly, for example being able to use a tablet and a mobile phone. Or, for example, on two mobile phones (could be from work) and a tablet at the same time.

Latest news from WhatsApp

WhatsApp, which has defined itself in recent months as always trying to find what it is looking for, best experience for safety and comfort User name, Released several new features. among others, possibility of leave the group ‘quietly’, the impossibility of taking screenshots of temporary multimedia files or the possibility of organizing several groups under a single group name.

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