When Paola Dominguín kicked José Coronado out of the house for dating Isabel Pantoja

When Paola Dominguín kicked José Coronado out of the house for dating Isabel Pantoja

Carlos Ferrando, one of the keenest social chroniclers, has published a notebook in which he collects gossip and amusing anecdotes from a few popular characters whose professional life has taken special interest in an appropriate title. thin pink line. This seventy-four-year-old Cartagena man, who has been on the job for nearly half a century, now intends to retire after recounting his crazy nights in show business that he kept silent about, wine and roses. in a bad way. Undoubtedly their secret romance, the never-before-seen stories of bisexuals, their addiction to the unspeakable drugs of important ladies and gentlemen, and an infinite number of secrets that would cause a scandal if made publicno matter how much it seems these times, no one is surprised by surprising behavior anymore.

I met him in the newspaper’s newsroom one morning in 1982. Week where I give my services. He wanted to see me without an appointment. The actress brought up a photo of herself with Esperanza Roy in the “vedette” she was in love with, under the illusion of seeing this image posted. With some of the news he gave me about him, I agreed to put it in the weekly pages. Carlos Ferrando was working as an office worker in a company in Barcelona. I no longer heard from him, he did not thank me for pleasing him. A few years later, with Murcian established in Madrid, their collaboration frames and gradually, as a social chronicler daily 16, In the programs of the ser chain, He was nicknamed “The Wasp” for his frequent stings. As a commentator, he gives insights into the characters on the show and already on Heart of Heart’s television programs in the ’80s and later years that were unattainable to anyone, including veteran reporters, from that rosy world and not so long ago. blood ties and at other venues of Telemadrid. And so this activity is intensified, with this competed with the last Jesús Mariñas to maintain the lead in such rumours. I testify that I have encountered both of them more than once. The Galician chronicler was more aggressive, while the Murcian tried to add a more ironic and playful tone to his work. It is most credited for this distinctive feature when it appears on the small screen. The laughter was constant as she shared meals and meetings with Carlos. His humor, as we said, is less acidic than Mariñas’s to make you laugh.

this says carlos ferrando inside thin pink line? Besides writing his diaries and saying out loud how much research he had done on these supposedly famous characters at Madrid nights, he was also the PR of various fashionable venues: “Cerebro”, “Archy”, clientele of beautiful people, now “solialités” in style, faranduleros too; He worked as a spokesperson for many cinema and theater productions. Taken together, this allowed gossip pages and small-screen programs with the same content to be aware of the private lives of frequent protagonists. What we call “voyeurism” in Spain, the so-called “porter’s work” because it is at the end of the street to find out who is sleeping with whom, has always had a lot of customers. If not, he would have stopped explaining the reason for the large circulations. Hello there! and other broadcasts, or “share”, takes the audience numbers from that segment of the television space. This is how it succeeded, let’s say, Save meand many similar copies.

Carlos Ferrando signs copies of his book | gress

Ferrando was at the “Archy” disco when he realized that then-Prince Felipe would be coming many Friday nights, because salsa music was scheduled there exactly that day of the week, which tempted him so much that no photojournalist would unknowingly capture him with their cameras while he was dancing on the dance floor. There, in that place (today occupied by the Coque brothers’ restaurant, where some “sausages” have robbed some of the best bottles of wine worth one and a half euros) a lot of love, sex, and yet Ferrando, like his lawsuit against his lost Carmen Sevilla, has already lost track of his lawsuits. He prefers to remain silent to avoid it. She admitted to him on another occasion that she had interrupted her pregnancy during her marriage to Algueró. I also mentioned that he put a tape around his neck to hide a little of the wrinkles that had aged him so much – I remember in Seville there was talk of the “Triana bridge” under his chin -.

The historian “examples” us by explaining that Rocío Jurado slapped him several times in anger at the “evil” he had published about him. The police star who has always been good friends, although he never wanted to play his supposed rival on stage, Isabel Pantoja. Having stayed in the same hotel in the late 1980s, of course, I personally witnessed their two-hour meeting in Mexico, each in their own room. And in the book in hand, the author reveals on set that Isabel Pantoja’s debut film, IProduced by Ana Belén and Víctor Manuel (“Ion Films”), the diva got to know her male rival intimately, Jose Coronado. Knowing this couple Paola Dominguin, put the braves on the street. It was a sensitive moment for the police star as she hadn’t met a man since the death of “Paquirri” some time ago.

Sara Montiel was another of Ferrando’s most beloved stars. Knowing that the La Mancha woman had “cash” problems, Pepe Tous suggested that she remarry to the woman, who had already been widowed since her death. Carlos, who knows Havana’s boardwalk very well and describes how attractive men are fond of “homo” practices on hot Cuban nights, was supposedly responsible for the arrival in Madrid of Tony Hernández, who set foot on Spanish soil arm in arm. with her best friend. And in a few days, they established a civic bond at Saritísima’s home in the Madrid neighborhood of Salamanca. Tony was a mythomaniac who adored his hero. last couplet. And with the staging of that bodorrio, he pocketed a good “goose dough” in which he rebuilt his meager economy, despite his precious jewels, furniture, and signature paintings in his safe. His two adopted sons didn’t want to do anything with that stepfather who came to them overnight. A face re-shipped to Havana with her male partner, whom they hid here so that the antics of the surprising marriage would not be exposed.

Since it’s not as much a matter of doing what’s trendy as they say two-for-three “spoilers”: that is, figuring out how many there are. Bedroom and dressing rooms’ little secrets are revealed in Carlos Ferrando’s entertaining bookLet’s finish here by explaining other tasty chapters on Almodóvar, Lina Morgan, Ana Obregón, Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, Carmen Ordóñez, Alejandro Sanz and many more. If you’re bored, run and get this fun book.

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