World Cup Qatar 2022: Secrets of the World Cup opening ceremony: “It was very challenging mentally, emotionally and culturally”

World Cup Qatar 2022: Secrets of the World Cup opening ceremony: "It was very challenging mentally, emotionally and culturally"

Marco Balic (Venice, 1962) fell into a concert at the first event he organized. pink floyd In 1989, so much that his mother cried. Today he is an authority on this subject. He held the opening ceremonies of the Summer and Winter Olympics, traveled half the world mixing his ideas with local culture. His plan is what will be seen in the stadium from 15:40 Spanish time today. Al Bayt. “He’s been very demanding mentally, emotionally and culturally,” he reassures MARCA with the nervousness of a boy facing a demanding test hours after the premiere.

“It’s the first time a World Cup will hold such an opening ceremony. So far a singer, flags and it’s done. Not this time, but a ceremony like the previous ones. Olympic Games“When they put forward the idea, the High Committee took the lead: “They wanted a content narrative that would explain what Qatar had to offer the world. It is the story of a country that invites everyone to come. Trainregardless of gender, religion or sexual orientation. They want to present themselves as a platform for peace among themselves. East and West” assures balic.

There is a rapid debate between the proposal and Qatari laws. “Obviously it’s an impressive country for us, given the fact that the royal family really has power here. The criticism is justified. It is. But I think the effort is Train to show the world. You will be subject to the scrutiny of the world media. It’s an irreversible process, an opportunity for them and us. Train makes sense for the world where it preserves its traditions but also looks to the future. Football unites the rich and the poor, what is unique is their strength,” says the Venetian.

His experience has led him to work in even more challenging environments than Qatar, for example. Turkmenistanstuck in the country Iran and Afghanistan. “The indoor Asian Games in 2017 served to open up the internet for the first time in the country. Or in China with the 2008 Games. Major sporting events like this one open the doors of countries.

Qatar wants to present itself as a platform for peace between East and West

presence. But why didn’t anyone criticize it? Russia?. Of course, it is a great tragedy that people die in stadiums. But I think this is a serious problem all over Asia. 48,000 people die annually in the construction industry in India. The problem goes further. I am sure that by bringing events of this magnitude to these countries, progress will be made, developed and doors will be opened,” he said. Balci.

Morgan Freeman and Naranjito

The ceremony will invite everyone to travel to Qatar. “Being a woman who opens that door.” From there, the half-hour is triggered, during which a major figure from the world of Qatari sports and an ambassador will appear “which is a big surprise”. Marco Balchi refuses to disclose, but from other areas close to the premiere, the name morgan freeman. They’ll talk in that half hour childishFIFA President and Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. And the memory of the past of the World Cup will be through mascots, including mascots. small orangewho will greet la’eebthe genius of the lamp.

The star of the musical section will be the performance of the South Korean. Jung Kooknext to qatar fahad al kubaisi.

In this work of immersing himself in Qatari culture, Balich Ahmed al-Baker, assistant art director. Anghela Alo (art director), Durham Marenghi (light designer), head a team completed by Christophe Berthonneau (in charge of pyrotechnics).

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