World Road Crash Victims Day 2022

La directora de Tráfico del Gobierno Vasco, Sonia Díaz de Corcuera, en el acto de hoy. Foto: Irekia.


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The Basque Association for the Advocacy of Road Safety organized ‘Stop violence on the road’, a memorial and memorial service for people who lost their lives on the roads or remained disabled for life. 40 people from the Basque Country have died in accidents this year.

Euskaraz irakurri: Traffico istripuen biktimak gogoratu dituzte Bilbon

on occasion World Road Accident Victims Day of RemembranceThe Basque Association for the Advocacy of Road Safety, ‘Stop Road Violence’, organized an action this Sunday in Bilbao to commemorate and commemorate the people who died on the roads or remained disabled for life.

World Day of Remembrance of Traffic Accident Victims was born in 2005. UN He called on governments to commemorate this event on the third Sunday of November to honor the victims and raise awareness in the community.

The event was attended by the Basque Government Traffic Director Sonia Díaz de Corcuera, as well as Vizcayan Deputy for Transport Miguel Ángel Gómez Viar, the Mayor of Bilbao, Juan María Aburto, among others. Government, Vicente Reyes, municipal representatives and relatives of traffic accident victims.

Díaz de Corcuera in his speech Basque Pact for Road SafetyAs part of the Road Safety and Safe and Sustainable Mobility 2025 Strategic Plan, which has the support of key Basque institutions as well as traffic accident victims and other social actors.

“Unfortunately, on days like these, we have to remember that a single death or serious injury in a traffic accident on our streets and highways is unacceptable. That’s why we continue to work with the Vision of Zero Victims. Global challenges for Road Safety. The Basque Road Safety Pact ensures that the entire Basque community is in this situation.” It is an alliance that reflects its commitment to the goal.”

In detail, so far this year and last November 14, Basque Country they were 40 people died (5 in Álava, 17 in Bizkaia and 18 in Gipuzkoa).

public transport on the rise

Miguel Ángel Gómez Viar, Biscayne’s assistant in charge of Transport, said: public transport There is also a contribution to road safety.

Helps get cars off public roads, making it saferand avoid unnecessary risks, such as using a cell phone while driving, which is still one of the main causes of road accidents.

It was also emphasized that regional buses closed the 2021 fiscal year with 24% more demand than 2020, the worst year of the pandemic. “This rate has increased significantly, up to 31.3%, referencing only the last three months of last year,” he insisted.

In the same way, he evaluated that the upward trend continued in 2022 and that he experienced a significant “arreón” as a result of the discounts made in public transportation since September 1st.

Likewise, he recalled the Basque road safety agreement signed by about fifteen institutions and associations from the Basque Country, in which they aimed to “eliminate deaths in traffic accidents”.

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