300 audiovisual works aspire to win this year’s Beldur Barik competition

Presentación de la iniciativa de este año. Foto: Departamento de Igualdad del Gobierno Vasco


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Singer Izaro will attend the awards ceremony, which will take place in Sestao on December 2.

Euskaraz irakurri: 300 Ikus-entzunezko lan aurkeztuko dituzte aurtengo Beldur Barik lehiaketara

This morning, the 13th edition of the Beldur Barik Program for the prevention of gender-based violence among young people was presented at the Musika Eskola de Sestao with the participation of many local authorities from different institutions of the BAC.

The audio-visual competition is the central and best-known event of the programme, a competition where young people must demonstrate their stance against violence against women and in favor of an egalitarian society.

As Minister Beatriz Artolazabal explained, “more than 300 audiovisual works were presented this year, most of them in groups, so the number of young people participating is much higher”. He also emphasized the importance of group work, “because in this way the creative process itself becomes a collective reflection and discussion process on violence against women among young people”.

In Artolazabal’s words, “Recently, the Basque Youth Observatory has provided data showing that the vast majority of young women return home with fear,” indicating that “programs for young boys and girls continue to be essential.”

Most of the schools

Emakunde Director Miren Elgarresta underlined that the majority of the studies (89.7%) came from schools. Violence against women.

“We will have to take into account this demand and the existence of a specific demand to work with men, because overall, as we confirmed in our evaluation of the program, they show less interest in the subject.”

According to Elgarresta, “it is important to involve men in favor of equality, just as it is necessary to involve men through the campaign jointly promoted by all institutions on 25 November”.


Topaketa, which will be held in Sestao on December 2, will kick off at 6 p.m. with eight workshops that will address topics such as feminist self-defense, empowerment through dance, girls and video games, healthy eating, feminist rap or masculinities.

After a further concentration, the award ceremony will be held at Musika Eskola. Singer Izaro will participate by performing three songs liveThe theme “Libre” became the soundtrack of this edition of the program. Singer Izaro and Kai Nakai, who gave voice and music to the previous edition, posted a message through social networks encouraging young people to participate in this annual event with equality.

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