AI and double authentication harmonize pets and home alarms, according to ADT

Double verification via sensors and AI join forces with alarm systems to avoid unnecessary jumps

Double verification via sensors and AI join forces with alarm systems to avoid unnecessary jumps

big or small; restless or calm Pets are part of the family and their protection is just as important as that of other members. But can pets block home alarms, causing unnecessary splashes?

ADTbusiness unit Johnson Controls Building Technologies and Solutionsexplain what new technologies, artificial intelligence and analytics provide security-compliant solutions and allow human and pet separation..

“We are currently working with double verification through our sensors installed in homes. Including cameras in homes allows us to see what’s going on inside them and thus confirming whether the alarm was really caused by an intruder or a pet,” he said. José González Osma, director of Johnson Controls Housing Business Unit ADT.

Can pets give false alarms?
Traditional motion detectors can be activated by any movement, whether it’s an intruder or a furry little one heading for the food bowl.

“A pet can trigger a false alarm, depending on the type of technology the home security system uses. Fortunately, alarms today have smart detectors that can distinguish between animal movements and human movements.” Jose Gonzalez Osma.

A pet service home alarm system uses a combination of several different technologies to:

  1. Determine the mass, velocity, and motion patterns of any moving object.
  2. Measure body temperatures and detect infrared emissions from intruders to rule out pets and avoid false alarms.

ADT Smart Security: a pet-proof alarm
The most complete and advanced security services are capable of protecting the home and pets without generating false alarms that cause unnecessary jumps. Alarm thanks to the combination of smart devices activated synchronously ADT Smart Security It can determine whether the detected movement is coming from the pet.

Progress in this area represents the result of hundreds of hours of recording and analyzing the movements of pets and people. Thanks to artificial intelligence, these movement patterns have become. complex algorithms that effectively separate animal movements from human movements.

“Today, any alarm system has motion detectors that will not trigger the alarm if the pet weighs less than 35 kg. However, we have invested a lot of resources in ADT for motion detectors and smart configurations that can distinguish humans from pets.” Jose Gonzalez Osma.

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